Saturday, March 1, 2014

march madness

the weather today has been spooky. got up to 50 degrees, which was great. although i do know that will provide the fuel for the storms coming tomorrow. i made sure to get most of the shit i do on Sundays done today; trash, toilets, the dirty work down in the cellar... i still have the dishes to do but i wanted to give these old bones a break. i feel like this pinched nerve has aged me like 20 years in the last month or so.

the Dayton Flyers started out with a pulse for the first time in 3 games. they only trailed by a point at halftime. and then, for one of the rare times this season, they started the second half on fire. 9 straight points to give them the lead for the rest of the game. a HUGE win, 86-79. that should put them right back on the NCAA bubble.

unfortunately, the New York Rangers couldn't make it a double victory beer afternoon for me. they got outworked, out muscled, and outplayed at times by Philly, losing 4-2. hopefully, they erase that game from their minds pretty damn quickly as they play Boston tomorrow night at home.

i did catch a little of the New York Yankees game today. the main 3 starters all pitched 2 scoreless innings today. a very decent way to start their spring training. 4-0 win today over the Phillies.

my disjointed sleep is continuing. feels like anytime i sit back in my chair, i'm out in 20 minutes. and i had the hardest time falling back asleep in my bed last night. felt like any position i got in, i was in pain. then it becomes this mind fuck battle royale. i believe after 30 minutes or so, my brain blocked the pain for the most part and i was able to fall asleep. of course, 45 minutes later i was up for the day. good times.

hopefully, my old ass can stay awake tonight. after watching some outdoor hockey in Chicago, i'm hoping to watch the new episode of Saturday Night Live tonight with Jim Parsons and Beck. that should be awesome. and, a new episode of ROH tonight as well. if i can make it all the way without falling asleep, i'll be shocked.

i'll be back on here tomorrow sometime, hopefully. this storm is supposed to start early, and i'm hoping to get the cats fed before it gets too bad. i'm really hoping we don't get a ton of ice like it looks like we're going to get. last thing i or my mother needs is the power to go out. and we've had some nasty ice storms in the past here on the farm. if it does freeze over bad, i'll try to get some pictures.

hope everyone is having a decent start to their weekend. and hopefully the weather is better than you expected it to be.

later bitches.


The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
Van Halen - OU812
Ashley Monroe - Like a Rose

"There is no good side to celebrity." - Javier Bardem

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