Saturday, March 22, 2014

some swelling, a broken chair, some poems, an amazing goal, and some more bitching...

the best way for me to write this one is in the order it happened. so, away we go...

my left leg was looking pretty bad last night. the swelling wasn't going down and the redness wasn't going away. given my history with blood clots, i believe both my mother and i had the same fear in mind. so, after a good long sleep (for me, 5 hours), i woke up to a leg that wasn't as red or as swollen. so, now the thought is the cut i got last week on it may be infected. good times.

so, i have a little breakfast this morning and go to sit in my chair to read the paper. and sure enough, the fucking chair breaks. it was somewhere around this point that i started writing poems in my head. more on that later. so, it looks like a screw broke on the chair. great. thankfully, it's under warranty, or at least that is the hope at the moment. looks like i might be watching more tv from bed for a little while.

made my second round picks for the NCAA tournament this morning. i went 26-6 in the first round. not bad but certainly not good enough.

while watching some soccer this morning, i decided to go upstairs and write a little. and yes, my fucking morning was covered in it. i typed up the 4 i wrote this afternoon. i like them. i need to write a few more and then i will be sending out some submissions soon.

next up was the Manchester United game. i'll have to give Moyes credit. he went with a lineup with a ton of changes in it and it worked. a solid 2-0 win over West Ham that included a Wayne Rooney goal for the ages. next up on Tuesday is Manchester City. if they somehow get a positive result out of that, my opinion of Moyes will really change. but, i'm not expecting it.

i heard from my good friend in Sweden today. looks like our planned book of his art and my poems has been put on hold, probably forever. but, the both of us have plenty of ideas to get this great work we did out there. so, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more news on this front.

the New York Rangers played what was basically a playoff game last night in Columbus and won, 3-1. what i loved the most was the fans booed Rick Nash most of the night and those dumb asses actually lit a fire under his ass. he was the power forward i remembered last night, hitting people, starting fights, made d men look foolish, it was great. below are the highlights:

up tonight is the Dayton Flyers chance to make the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1984. a HUGE game against Syracuse in their backyard basically (Buffalo). i've got the same clothes on, i'm eating the same food, etc. i really hope the players know they are playing with house money. no one expects them to win so there is no pressure. and hopefully, sometime around 9 or so tonight, i'll be drinking one sweet victory beer.

going on at the same time is the New York Rangers playing in New Jersey. basically, another playoff game. i'd love to get 2 more points. that would really help the cause. i will be peeking in during commercials and halftime. and if the Dayton game gets out of hand. hopefully, that won't happen.

late tonight, i'll hopefully still be awake to watch ROH. should be yet another really good episode.

that is all for me today. i'll be on here sometime tomorrow, hopefully with good news to share. or, you'll get to read the musings of a beaten man. good times.

hope everyone is well. have a drink on me this evening.

peace and chicken grease...


Beth Orton - Sugaring Season
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Live from Alabama

"It's good to shut up sometimes." - Marcel Marceau

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