Wednesday, March 5, 2014

for whom the bell tolls

in case you haven't figured it out by now, i am a deeply passionate sports fan. that comes off as totally weird to most people that only know me for my poetry, as someone who is creative "shouldn't" be passionate about anything other than that. i prefer to think of myself as the caveman refined. i like to drink and cuss but can also tell you about Monet, Beethoven, and Bukowski.

so, i just spent the past 10 hours or so watching trade deadline coverage for the NHL. it was a little surreal that the first move of the day was the New York Rangers trading away their captain to Tampa for their captain. now, Martin St. Louis is 10 years older than Ryan Callahan. that being said, the Rangers did trade for the 5th leading scorer in the NHL. but, they also gave up potentially 2 first round picks. i'm torn as much as i'm excited. if this gets the Rangers deeper into the playoffs than last year, great. if it doesn't bring them a cup in a few years, fuck. they will be more exciting to watch. they also made a depth move on defense that should only amount to something if there are injuries. hopefully there won't be. huge game tonight against Toronto at home. the private jet picked up Marty, so let the fun begin.

sometime around 9 i'll flip over to start watching the Dayton Flyers take on the 17th ranked team in the country. if they can win this tonight, i feel really good about their chances of going to the tournament.

not sure if i'll actually get to watch Duck Dynasty, Legit, or Ali G tonight or not. not like i sleep anymore, so who knows.

earlier today i caught little bits and pieces of the USA losing to Ukraine, 2-0 in an international friendly in the buildup for the 2014 World Cup. from what i saw, i wasn't impressed. but honestly, i didn't see enough to truly get a sense of the game. i'm sure Ukraine had much more to play for, given what is going on in their country at the moment.

i did catch The Voice last night. Blake now has the 2 best singers i have seen so far this season. hopefully he won't be stupid and pit them against each other in the battle rounds.

the 2 comedies after The Voice are pretty good. i have enjoyed both episodes so far.

that's all for now. i need to get ready to watch the Rangers pregame shit and start to digest that the captain is gone.

hope this finds everyone well. until tomorrow, probably after i wade through the mud and snow and get the birds all fed again.


Metallica - Ride The Lightning

"If you spend a lot of time lying to people, you think a lot about what the truth means." - Penn Jillette

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