Wednesday, March 12, 2014

and here comes a howling wind

it started raining last night, but amazingly i was able to get some sleep. painful, but i got a few hours. the wind really started to kick in this morning. i checked the radar and decided i better get my ass moving. i got the cats fed and got into town before the snow hit. we only had one piece of mail. i made it back home before it started to snow. near white out conditions at times, but, in the end, just a fucking dusting. hopefully this wind now dries everything out before it gets down to the single digits tonight. hopefully this is the last bit of winter for this season. i'm sick of this shit.

i started doing some neck exercises today. just really wanted to stretch the muscles to see if i could make some more progress. they definitely helped so far.

finished my brainstorming this morning and came up with the 10 songs i needed. so, now i just need to get all of other songs my cousin wants downloaded and i'll be good to go. i'm hoping to get this done by the weekend.

the New York Rangers disappointed the shit out of me last night. completely outworked the entire game. if Hank wouldn't have been as good as he was, they would have lost by more. 3-1 loss in a game that really never felt that close. they start a back to back on the road tomorrow. they better have their asses in gear as they are a few more losses away from falling out of a playoff spot.

saw the news today that the New Orleans Saints are going to try to trade away my favorite player, Darren Sproles. i'm not happy about this, but i just hope they send him to a place where he'll have a chance to play and win. he deserves at least that much.

i believe the episodes of Legit and Ali G are new tonight. i'll hopefully be out of the shower in time to watch those. other than that, it's the crap shoot to see if i can stay up to see the late night shows or not. i did a pretty good job last night. i didn't fall asleep until halfway into Late Night. i imagine that was due to my brain overworking to try to understand the Spanish Juanes was singing in his performance last night on The Tonight Show. i got a few words here and there. not bad for not working on it since high school.

i did catch a little of the New York Yankees this afternoon. i was flipping between that and all the NFL free agency news. the Saints got a good safety. here's hoping they do a little more than just that.

that's all for me. i need to get over to iTunes and start doing some pricing. hope this finds everyone well. and warm. and ready for warmer weather. and hopefully not involved in the fire on the west coast or the apartment explosion on the east coast. seeing i know people in both places, this has been one of those afternoons where i wish i could just sleep all of it away.

peace bitches...


Pixies - Come On Pilgrim
Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose
Van Morrison - Moondance

"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion." - Jack Kerouac

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