Tuesday, March 4, 2014

sometimes i think i should just stay in my hole

so i was standing in line at the bank listening to the teller try to explain to this old woman how subtraction works. given her heavy south american accent, i figured her english wasn't so good. thankfully, the other teller called me up so i could make my deposit and get out of there.

and then it was a trip to lunch with my mother. she needed to vent and i needed to drink. somewhere between long island iced teas, this guy notices me and says my name across a few tables. a tall, light skinned black guy. i give him the head nod and wonder, who the fuck is that? and that is how i spent the rest of my lunch, scrolling through my memory wondering where the fuck does he know me from. work? school? and as i sit here, i still have no fucking clue.

other than that, lunch was good. and then back home to listen to some music and get into a spirited discussion about book publishing, ethics, money, advertising, etc. and i always love when one person in the conversation thinks it is becoming a fight while i'm nowhere near upset enough or at all to begin typing in capital letters. good times.

when Monday Night Raw started last night with CM Punk's music, i laughed knowing damn well he wasn't coming out. and sure enough, he didn't. this was the start of basically the WWE giving the finger to every CM Punk mark in the audience and watching on tv. that being said, the match between The Shield and The Wyatt Family was fucking awesome. i could watch those 6 wrestle everyday of the week. but once again, seeing Daniel Bryan get fucked over at the end of the show for the millionth time is getting old. they need to either have him start getting the better of the powers that be more often or move the fuck on. it is so obvious that they are writing all of this by the seat of their pants knowing that one of their best workers is at home taking a "sabbatical".

given my frustration with much of Raw last night, i saw plenty of The Voice. the woman at the end of the show that went with Blake stunned me. that's the first person that i think could win it all. and if Blake wins with an older black woman, his ego will know no bounds at all.

the trade deadline for the NHL is tomorrow. i'll be watching that and checking websites constantly, seeing that a ton of rumors include the New York Rangers. could be a long day tomorrow.

also, the Dayton Flyers play a HUGE game tomorrow in St. Louis. if they could get that win, they might be the front runner to get one of the last at large invitations to the NCAA tournament.

needless to say, i'll be on here earlier than usual tomorrow as i will be in full sports mode by this time tomorrow. shit, maybe even earlier as the US national team plays a soccer friendly against Ukraine. i believe they are playing that in Cyprus. so, i'll be on here whenever i get the chance tomorrow.

my television schedule tonight includes The Voice, and probably the show that comes after it as well, About A Boy. loved the book and really liked the first episode. other than that, plenty of the NHL Network looking for breaking news.

that is all for me. i hope this finds everyone well. i'll raise my glass to your creative souls and truly hope they aren't dead just yet.



Shooter Jennings - The Wolf
Great White - Greatest Hits
The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

"What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others." - Diogenes

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