Monday, December 31, 2012

the end of the year

where the fuck did 2012 go? i laugh as i get older as i remember bitching while i was a child about how slow things were. now, in the age of social media and nearly everyone living through their phones, i seem to enjoy my pauses more than ever.

i feel like i haven't slept for days. between shoveling snow, walking on ice, waking up in the middle of the night to watch hockey, fantasy football coming to an end, etc etc., i don't think i've had more than 4 hours of sleep in a row for a few days. fuck, i'm too old for this shit.

after 2 really heartbreaking losses for team USA at the World Juniors (both 2-1 to Russia & Canada) they came out today on fire to beat Slovakia 9-3. they advance to the medal round, but i will be pleasantly blown the fuck away if they get one. they are a good team but not great when it matters. too undisciplined to win any big games. hopefully, they prove me wrong. i won't hold my breath. as for the other teams, i will be shocked if Canada doesn't win the whole thing. of course, when you have a handful of guys that should be in the NHL right now, you should win. could be a much different tourney if the lockout wasn't going on.

listened to the Dayton Flyers lose in overtime last night to USC. i'm sure that was a great red eye home from LA after that loss. of course, when you shoot like shit and have that many turnovers, you shouldn't win. thankfully, i wasn't able to watch the game.

enjoyed the Manchester United win over the weekend and will hopefully enjoy another tomorrow. i'll surely enjoy all the rumors this coming month with the transfer window open, but i truly don't expect any moves.

won my 3rd place game in fantasy football on for the 2nd time in 3 years. i will win that league sometime before i die.

got a few poems in mind to send out in early 2013. more news on that later in the week.

i firmly believe that a baby from Kanye and Kim K. is a sign of the apocalypse. or perhaps i'm hoping.

i do hope everyone has a safe, happy, fruitful, enter your favorite word here, great new year.

music today:

Metallica - Beyond Magnetic
Grouplove - Never Trust A Happy Song
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." - Albert Camus

Thursday, December 27, 2012

the day after the storm

we got around 9 to 10 inches of snow here yesterday. that was more than we got for the entire last winter. as the snow was falling yesterday, i had the pleasure/torture of watching Manchester United. never having the lead until the Mexican god Chicharito scores right on the 90th minute is not good for my heart i believe. a really entertaining 4-3 game, made all the better with Manchester City losing. lead is now 7 points. only bummer from yesterday, besides the usual shitty defense, was the injury news for Wayne Rooney. out at least 3 weeks with a knee injury. not good. hopefully more miracles are to come and Wazza comes back healthy and ready for the Champions League play.

shoveling this morning was not bad at all. to go with that 9+ inches yesterday was a 40 mph wind. the drifts happened to help me out partly. one sidewalk was basically clear. the other was a bitch to shovel, but not much ice at all to deal with. now, getting over to feed the cats was a bit more tricky. negotiating drifts of snow over a foot deep while still sleepy was a bit funny. saw all but one of the cats this morning. not sure if it's missing or was just hiding. not many of them have seen snow like that.

got done with all that to finally watch some meaningful hockey for the first time since the summer. team USA destroyed Germany in the World Juniors 8-0. was happy to see them play a great game, but the real test starts tomorrow. having to play Russia in Russia will be a huge step up. one piece of advice, stay out of the penalty box. if they get a point out of the game, i'll consider it a win. was also very nice to see Rangers draft pick JT Miller play well and score. hopefully he can keep that up.

my mother is sick so i'm doing my best to avoid that shit. so, i see myself spending the rest of the day in my room reading some books i got for Christmas.

music today:

Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal

"Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret." - Marlene Dietrich

Monday, December 24, 2012

could be a happy holidays after all

here's a little recap of my life since Friday...

my mother, sister, and I decided to do Christmas on Friday as my sister would be spending the holiday on call for work. i got some good things, but i more enjoyed the looks of disbelief on the faces of my mother and sister when they opened what i got them. i enjoy when i stun them with actual good gifts that they know actually cost money. we had a really nice dinner, some good wine, and as someone who absolutely hates the fucking holidays, i might have actually enjoyed myself.

so on Saturday it was a noon game for the Dayton Flyers. with not knowing if Kevin Dillard was going to play or not, my hopes weren't high for this game. luckily, he played and did incredibly well for someone who couldn't walk 2 days earlier. a huge win over a Murray State team that had won 16 straight road games and 37 of their last 40 games in total. i really hope this was the game that drives them to a huge season in conference and a trip to the big dance.

spent the rest of Saturday listening to some of the music i got for Christmas. i also wrote 3 poems. typed those up today and i think i may have a winner or two in there. i'll submit them sometime early in 2013.

my Sunday started off with Manchester United. i was hoping for all 3 points but i knew, deep down, that a draw in this game was a real possibility. i wouldn't have minded the 1-1 game if they didn't have so many damn chances to actually win it. fuck. lead is still 4 points. next game is on boxing day.

next, the NFL and my fantasy league playoffs. 1 final and 1 semi-final. it's funny, the semi-final that i was a huge favorite in i lost by less than 10 points. i really wanted to win that league (it's full of other poets), but hopefully i'll do well in the 3rd place game. that would be an improvement from 7th place last year. as for the other game, nothing like being the underdog, watching your bench do incredibly well, watching the Sunday night game just knowing you lost and sure enough, you win by 8 points. holy shit. didn't expect that at all. my 4th NFL Fantasy Championship. and the biggest stunner of all, won it with Tony Romo being my quarterback. talk about fucking stressful.

fast forward to today when my contributor copy of Nerve Cowboy shows up. of course, there were also credit card bills from Christmas, but i have some time for those. i love being in Nerve Cowboy. one of the best zines around.

plus, i got a little editing job that even pays. it's a job for a friend, but i get to set my own hours and pay. good thing she's a good egg or i'd be tempted to fuck someone over. not that i would actually do that, but the temptation surely would exist.

i hope everyone has a great next couple of days and end this year the way you want to.

music today:

Jamey Johnson - Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran
B.B. King - Blues Summit

"Poverty can teach lessons that privilege cannot." - Jack Klugman (April 27, 1922 - Dec. 24, 2012)

my poem in Nerve Cowboy #34

my poem "checked back into place" was published in Nerve Cowboy #34.

the issue is a steal at $7.

others with work in the issue include Alan Catlin, Michael Estabrook, Ed Galing, Gerald Locklin, normal, Fred Voss, and plenty more. some really cool art as well. 60 pages of the best zine going today.

for more info on subscriptions, submissions, etc. go to the Nerve Cowboy Homepage

Thursday, December 20, 2012

it had to end sometime

i was on such a good roll. the writing was going well. the sports teams have been winning, causing me not to miss the NHL as much as i thought i would, and then...

1 point losses fucking suck. no way around it. i would much rather watch a team i'm rooting for get beat by 50 and know there was no way possible they could have won than endure what i did last night. Dayton was asleep for most of the first half until a furious rally to cut the lead to 2. a little back and forth in the second half, even getting the lead until, for some fucking unknown reason, they completely forgot how to beat a 2-3 zone. now, as someone who has known basketball 101 since i was 10, this was horrific to watch. even worse, it went on for almost 10 minutes. fuck me. needless to say, when their best player goes out injured with 4 minutes left (Kevin Dillard), i pretty much gave up hope. they staged another rally until the final shot, down by 1, and no one decides they were going to be the one to step up. so, the 2 last second prayers weren't answered and i get to mumble for the next 7 hours; if they would have done this, done that, no wonder people think i'm insane.

so after some awful sleep, thank you mother nature, i wake up this morning to see Manchester United has drawn Real Madrid in Champions League play. horrible news. only sliver of hope is the second leg is at home. but, that will be surreal seeing CR7 in something other than Manchester red on that pitch.

add in the coming storm, winds supposedly strong enough to knock out the power, my aching back, and the usual holiday blues... what a fucking shit storm all at once.

on the good side, did have a line come to me last night that i believe may spark a fury of writing in the coming days. i would mention it here but i know some fucker would steal it.

thoughts and prayers to my friend in California. hopefully, your health scares will be over soon.

and speaking of California, a thank you to Luis Berriozabal for the poems. much appreciated.

music today:

Disturbed - Asylum
Hayes Carll - Trouble In Mind
The Breeders - Last Splash

"Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire." - Patti Smith

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

quick hits

go to and listen to episode #38. especially before the world ends on Friday.

i really can't believe some dumb asses want to make sure teachers have guns in the classroom. if you ever want to make sure there is more school violence, continue down that path. and people wonder why i have refused to vote for years now...

props to Cassadee on winning The Voice last night.

props to google+ for the communities feature. might actually make my experience worthwhile. and anyone reading this, come find me on google+. please.

music today:

Hammock - Departure Songs Sampler

and now a quote from my first celebrity crush, Happy Birthday...

"It's nice to be important, but it's important to always be nice." - Alyssa Milano

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a week to something or other

first off, a link i would like to share. i had a good laugh after reading that.

i'm really looking forward to seeing who wins The Voice tonight. i believe it's fairly obvious that Cassadee will win. she's grown on me over the weeks. i suppose i'm actually more psyched to see the performances. should be a nice send off for the season.

big game tomorrow for the Dayton Flyers. a little better competition than the previous teams on this winning streak. if they win the next 2 games at home i'll really start to believe that this team could do something this year. my fingers are crossed but i'm not holding my breath.

i had a nice huge win in fantasy football. always good to get revenge in the playoffs. i'm in the finals in one league with CBS Sports and in the semi-finals with my number 1 seed on i would love to pull off the double this year, but i know it won't be easy at all.

with a week to go to Christmas, i hope everyone is well, nearing the end or start of their shopping, and most of all, happy and peaceful.

not sure how many posts i will be doing here in the near future. of course, i could get hit with the writing bug and send out 20 poems in a blur, or maybe my end of the year trip to the doctor gets eventful. who knows.

a special thank you to Alan Catlin for the poetry in the mail.

music today:

Over The Rhine - Snow Angel
Cowboy Junkies - Studio:Selected Studio Recordings 1986-1995

and one from the birthday boy

"You wanna get the truth out of me, get me hammered." - Ron White

Saturday, December 15, 2012

a welcome distraction

so, after a day of being completely glued to the tv watching the news coverage of the shootings in Connecticut, i was very happy to have a mental break this morning and watch Manchester United play. more on that in a bit.

as for the shootings, i usually am pretty numb to violence. i've witnessed more than my fair share in my 36 years. but, i believe it was the age of the victims that caught me off guard on this one. not having any children of my own, but having plenty of friends and family with children around the same age...  just a total sense of helplessness. my thoughts and prayers to all of those that need them.

now for the game. was pleasantly thrilled to see Manchester United didn't need to warm to the occasion; they were ready from the start. goals from RvP, Cleverley, and Rooney put the game to bed. of course, they couldn't go a game without at least one defensive fuck up, but the late goal really meant nothing. lead is back to 6 in the league. and a welcome back to the Captain. please, STAY HEALTHY.

got a basketball game later today that i will be attending. hopefully the Dayton Flyers will continue their good run of late and not show any rust from finals week. other than that, a little Saturday Night Live tonight, some ROH as well, a bit of sleep and then start the grind of my fantasy football playoffs. thankfully, i started the right defense on Thursday night, so i'm off to a good lead. hopefully, i won't blow it. fingers crossed.

i hope everyone has a decent rest of the weekend. and perhaps as a nation, we start to finally give a shit about guns and mental illness. if not now, when?

"Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time." - Arnold H. Glasow

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my 2 poems at Dead Snakes

my poems "as much genius as disease" and "crept upon my face" have been published this morning at Dead Snakes. you can find the poems by going here:

after a good weekend

i was going to do this blog post a few hours ago but my "high speed" internet (wink, wink) shit the bed once again. supposedly someone will be out here on Wednesday to "fix" the problem. so, once again Frontier Communications, thank you for the bullshit.

i'd like to welcome RvP into the Manchester United immortals after this weekend. go win the league and the Champions League and you will never be forgotten. and if you City fans ever wonder why i've always thought of you as worthless pieces of shit, the blood running down Rio's face should always be exhibit a. may the 6 points quickly become 15 and the world can forget about the blue turds.

won 2 of my 3 fantasy football matches. would have won 3 but my dumb ass didn't start the Patriots TE. that cost me, but that team still won the division. next week, the playoffs.

thanks to those of you who have let me know that my Christmas gifts arrived. after the week i've had with the post office, good to know miracles still exist.

my sister's last gift arrived so now it's all about deciding do i wrap the presents with the comics or the obituaries. decisions, decisions.

looks like the Yankees will be getting older in the next few days. there are times when i wonder why i bother.

thankfully, the Dayton Flyers have turned the season around pronto and things are looking promising once again. as i stated in the preseason, this team goes as far as Kevin Dillard takes it. thankfully, he's now understanding that as well.

looking forward to the 12/12/12 concert coming up. always good when i can just sit back and listen to music for hours and hours. torn if i should get the Rolling Stones PPV on the weekend. i've seen them live before (with Beck) and i'm not convinced this is really the last tour. but still, it's the Stones...

enjoyed the final 4 on the Voice. i'll be completely shocked if someone from team Blake doesn't win again after the performances earlier.

enough of my ramblings. hope this finds everyone well.

music today:

Hammock - Departure Songs Sampler
The Civil Wars - Live at Eddie's Attic
Brooke Annibale - Silence Worth Breaking

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

Saturday, December 8, 2012

an email from Rebecca Schumejda

-----Original Message-----
From: Rebecca Schumejda <>
To: Rebecca Schumejda <>
Sent: Fri, Dec 7, 2012 8:01 pm
Subject: Reading

Happy Holidays! I can't believe it is already December. I just wanted to let you know, if you are in the area,  that I will be reading from my new collection Cadillac Men tomorrow at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock at 2pm.

If not and you are interested, my new book is available:
at spd:
at amazon:
at powells"
at Barnes and Nobles:
and also at a bunch of other independent booksellers.

Here is some info about the book if you are interested. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

Hope you have an awesome holiday season!


Rebecca Schumejda's second full-length collection, Cadillac Men, explores the pool hall subculture before the economic downturn in 2008, when the narrator and her husband took a calculated risk and purchased a pool hall in downtown Kingston, New York. During their arduous planning, they did not consider that their business and livelihood would depend on men who threw pebbles in church collection plates, shot up in the bathroom, and had nicknames like Bobby-Balls-in-Hand, The Butcher, and Mikey Meatballs. Cadillac Men is a fractured poetic memoir about the year the narrator's husband chased his lifelong dream by starting Crazy Eights, and the recessions that occurred as her family, the economy, her health and The Cadillac Men all took downward spirals.

"Rebecca Schumejda, a poet who has already shown some considerable chops, has penned a breakthrough collection with Cadillac Men. With unflinching honesty, Becky has the unique ability to make this cast of debauched and indigent pool hustlers sympathetic without ever fishing for sentimentality. Cadillac Men is the poetic mosaic of an aborted American Dream, and like all good art, Becky brings to the forefront our collective humanity."
—Nathan Graziano, author of After the Honeymoon

"It has been my great honor to watch the evolution of Rebecca Schumejda's writing for nearly two decades now. What has always struck me about her work is the quiet beauty she infuses into every word. A dignity that comes from growing up with a little dirt under your fingernails.

The poems in this latest collection come at a price, there is a struggle here, not just the author's, but out there in the world, they take the reader beyond the pages. They are cool and deliberate, with a steady hand and a warm heart, they are the life we all live in one way or another, as sweet and painful as breathing, they are human, they are love songs for a working class culture that is sadly disappearing from our landscape. I adore this book as much as I do its author, which is to say a lot."
—John Dorsey, author of White Girl Problems: Poems & Stories

"Rebecca Schumejda has long been one of my favorite poets, and her new book Cadillac Men is her best yet. These poems are rendered beautifully and with a keen eye. It's refreshing to read a book of poems where the author has taken the time to observe the people around her with such uncanny insight and empathy. The stories and character portraits in Cadillac Men build upon each other to reveal a larger story—one not only of a struggling underclass, but of when we rest our hopes and dreams on one final gamble. It's the kind of book one reads all the way through like a good novel and then starts right back at the beginning. I really love this collection."
—Daniel Crocker, author of Like a Fish

"Rebecca Schumejda has written an amazing collection of poems that reads like a novel. A poet of place, she sets her writing in a neighborhood pool hall. Like an act out of the series Cheers, the players come in with their attitudes, their names (Mikey Meatball, Artistotle, Bobby Balls-In-Hand), their ruinous and marginal lives, and their game. They come to play pool, tell lies, fill the hours, and play it straight. It rains, it snows, and who can deny the beauty of Schumejda's version of snow: '…lonely women/disappearing quietly.' There is a strange love going on between all, never spoken out loud. It's impossible to select one line from this powerful, fascinating collection, but I chose: 'We are trying to collect what we can from what we lost.' If this collection doesn't garner its author wider recognition, I would be surprised."
—Ann Menebroker

Thursday, December 6, 2012

the happiness lasted for maybe 6 hours at best

i was not shocked at Manchester United's loss yesterday. thankfully, i didn't watch so my frustration with the lack of goals was muted somewhat. i was not thrilled to see that Cleverley came off with an injury. if he can't go this weekend, one of the old men (Giggs, Scholes) may have to play the whole 90 on Sunday. fuck, hopefully RvP is ready to destroy City and leave those blue fuckers crying for the rest of the season.

i was pleasantly shocked to see Dayton beat Alabama last night. easily, the most complete performance they have had all season. they finally looked like the team i thought i would see for the most of this season. hopefully they remember to play that way again when i see them on Saturday.

and any happiness i may have had from last night ended when i saw the Yankees offered a contract to Kevin Youkilis. fuck me, has it really turned to this? i mean, i had to accept Boggs and Damon even though it felt like part of my soul was dying, but, Youk? fuck me. turn to one of the kids and allow them to fail before you waste money on the Red Sox trash. knowing my luck i'll wake up tomorrow and he's accepted the deal.

bad enough my fantasy team is going against someone who has half his roster playing tonight. i know i have already clinched the regular season title, but 1 loss looks much better than 2, i'm just sayin'.

got all the music i needed to burn for gifts for my family done today. so, now it's just waiting for one more gift for my sister to arrive and then time to break out the newspaper and wrap gifts. where the fuck did this year go?

NFL and The Big Bang Theory tonight. maybe a little of Dave's Old Porn as well later on. that and trying to keep up with everything going on with my google+ account. my thirst for knowledge will eventually drive me insane.

(somewhere i hear my family laughing, muttering eventually? more like already.)

music today:

Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land

"All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy." - Spike Milligan

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday musings

this blog post is brought to you by episode #37 of The Sam Roberts Show Online. i really enjoyed this episode. brought back some horrific memories of growing up and really not knowing what to do in social situations. you can find the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, and by going to be sure to do ALL your Christmas shopping through the link on the podcast page. that all goes a long way in helping Sam reach his goals.

i will be following Manchester United online today in Champions League play as i don't pay the extra $15 a month to have Fox Soccer Plus. i don't really care if they win or lose this game, i simply want them to come out of it fully healthy. the match with Manchester City is coming up on Sunday and that will more or less decide my week.

tonight i will be watching the Dayton Flyers play Alabama in college basketball and most likely have their asses handed to them as revenge for last year's upset victory. i would love to be surprised and see a team play together and score and defend the way i believe they can, but i'm not going to be holding my fucking breath.

i was actually shocked at who made the top 4 of The Voice. i didn't see Amanda getting eliminated. no more team Adam. which makes me laugh as his music has never done anything for me. and in case you are wondering, i am team Blake but totally think Trevin will win.

sorry to hear about CM Punk's knee surgery. hopefully he will be back soon as he is one of the few reasons to watch the WWE at the moment. does set up an interesting moment for the company to really push the newcomers and perhaps realize Ryback needs a bit more seasoning before you let him run with the ball.

another day, another set of rumors on the Yankees. and more frustration on my end. the only hope i have is when these next 2 years are over and they decide they can start spending money again, all these young players who are great won't be able to resist millions and millions of dollars. fingers are crossed.

lastly, i'm dying with no hockey. and i won't believe any of the good reports until they are voting on a deal and players start coming back from Europe. college hockey and the Canadian juniors just aren't getting it done for me.

music today:

Joshua James - Build Me This

"I'm always hoping for the nights that are inspired where you almost have an out of body experience." - Dave Brubeck  Dec. 6, 1920 - Dec. 5, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

let the silly season begin

hard to think of this as winter as the temp is around 60 degrees. just what i need is another fucking drought. the one over the summer didn't hurt us as bad as i thought it would. after insurance, we made out pretty good. but i don't think the ground can take another drier than shit season and still put out a decent crop. fingers are crossed.

so, i was shooting the shit this morning and see some Yankees news come across the wire. turns out A-Rod played most of 2012 with a torn labrum in his "good" hip. surgery next month and will be out 4 to 6 months. lovely. so the Yankees starting left side of the infield are now entering the relic stage of their careers where injuries should be the norm. i'll be interested to see how the brass figures out the replacement parts on a budget. this upcoming season already smells like a close but no cigar try for the playoffs. yuck.

and speaking of sports, had an interesting past Saturday. one thing i totally fucking hate is when a team plays down to their competition. drives me insane. so to see Manchester United and the Dayton Flyers both do it but still win was infuriating. i'm already readying the rubber room when all of this shit comes to fuck them later on in the season.

hope everyone i sent cards and some poetic gifts to get them soon and enjoy them.

i'm on the verge of winning all 3 fantasy football matches from this weekend. i've got decent leads in all 3. i won't watch much of the game tonight though, too much college basketball, The Voice, and Monday Night Raw to keep my brain active with. maybe one of these days i'll get a DVR and be somewhat normal.

or maybe not.

wish i had the balls to act out one of my great porn fantasies today. for some reason this woman brought a package from out to the farm. attractive and curvy. of course, having no game i just smiled and said thank you and watched her walk away like the creep i am. and instead of watching soccer or doing some household chores, i spent the next 2 hours on redtube letting my imagination take a tour of filth.

thank god for a towel nearby.

totally loved the last 3 episodes of Boardwalk Empire. and i can't wait for a bunch of my favorites to come back next month. back to the old days of getting to sleep at 3 in the morning after all the Sunday night television.

music today:

The Black Keys - El Camino
Over The Rhine - Snow Angel

"Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them." - P.J. O'Rourke

Sunday, December 2, 2012


my poem "trouble" was published this morning at The Camel Saloon. you can find the poem by going here