Thursday, December 27, 2012

the day after the storm

we got around 9 to 10 inches of snow here yesterday. that was more than we got for the entire last winter. as the snow was falling yesterday, i had the pleasure/torture of watching Manchester United. never having the lead until the Mexican god Chicharito scores right on the 90th minute is not good for my heart i believe. a really entertaining 4-3 game, made all the better with Manchester City losing. lead is now 7 points. only bummer from yesterday, besides the usual shitty defense, was the injury news for Wayne Rooney. out at least 3 weeks with a knee injury. not good. hopefully more miracles are to come and Wazza comes back healthy and ready for the Champions League play.

shoveling this morning was not bad at all. to go with that 9+ inches yesterday was a 40 mph wind. the drifts happened to help me out partly. one sidewalk was basically clear. the other was a bitch to shovel, but not much ice at all to deal with. now, getting over to feed the cats was a bit more tricky. negotiating drifts of snow over a foot deep while still sleepy was a bit funny. saw all but one of the cats this morning. not sure if it's missing or was just hiding. not many of them have seen snow like that.

got done with all that to finally watch some meaningful hockey for the first time since the summer. team USA destroyed Germany in the World Juniors 8-0. was happy to see them play a great game, but the real test starts tomorrow. having to play Russia in Russia will be a huge step up. one piece of advice, stay out of the penalty box. if they get a point out of the game, i'll consider it a win. was also very nice to see Rangers draft pick JT Miller play well and score. hopefully he can keep that up.

my mother is sick so i'm doing my best to avoid that shit. so, i see myself spending the rest of the day in my room reading some books i got for Christmas.

music today:

Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal

"Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret." - Marlene Dietrich

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