Saturday, December 15, 2012

a welcome distraction

so, after a day of being completely glued to the tv watching the news coverage of the shootings in Connecticut, i was very happy to have a mental break this morning and watch Manchester United play. more on that in a bit.

as for the shootings, i usually am pretty numb to violence. i've witnessed more than my fair share in my 36 years. but, i believe it was the age of the victims that caught me off guard on this one. not having any children of my own, but having plenty of friends and family with children around the same age...  just a total sense of helplessness. my thoughts and prayers to all of those that need them.

now for the game. was pleasantly thrilled to see Manchester United didn't need to warm to the occasion; they were ready from the start. goals from RvP, Cleverley, and Rooney put the game to bed. of course, they couldn't go a game without at least one defensive fuck up, but the late goal really meant nothing. lead is back to 6 in the league. and a welcome back to the Captain. please, STAY HEALTHY.

got a basketball game later today that i will be attending. hopefully the Dayton Flyers will continue their good run of late and not show any rust from finals week. other than that, a little Saturday Night Live tonight, some ROH as well, a bit of sleep and then start the grind of my fantasy football playoffs. thankfully, i started the right defense on Thursday night, so i'm off to a good lead. hopefully, i won't blow it. fingers crossed.

i hope everyone has a decent rest of the weekend. and perhaps as a nation, we start to finally give a shit about guns and mental illness. if not now, when?

"Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time." - Arnold H. Glasow

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