Tuesday, December 11, 2012

after a good weekend

i was going to do this blog post a few hours ago but my "high speed" internet (wink, wink) shit the bed once again. supposedly someone will be out here on Wednesday to "fix" the problem. so, once again Frontier Communications, thank you for the bullshit.

i'd like to welcome RvP into the Manchester United immortals after this weekend. go win the league and the Champions League and you will never be forgotten. and if you City fans ever wonder why i've always thought of you as worthless pieces of shit, the blood running down Rio's face should always be exhibit a. may the 6 points quickly become 15 and the world can forget about the blue turds.

won 2 of my 3 fantasy football matches. would have won 3 but my dumb ass didn't start the Patriots TE. that cost me, but that team still won the division. next week, the playoffs.

thanks to those of you who have let me know that my Christmas gifts arrived. after the week i've had with the post office, good to know miracles still exist.

my sister's last gift arrived so now it's all about deciding do i wrap the presents with the comics or the obituaries. decisions, decisions.

looks like the Yankees will be getting older in the next few days. there are times when i wonder why i bother.

thankfully, the Dayton Flyers have turned the season around pronto and things are looking promising once again. as i stated in the preseason, this team goes as far as Kevin Dillard takes it. thankfully, he's now understanding that as well.

looking forward to the 12/12/12 concert coming up. always good when i can just sit back and listen to music for hours and hours. torn if i should get the Rolling Stones PPV on the weekend. i've seen them live before (with Beck) and i'm not convinced this is really the last tour. but still, it's the Stones...

enjoyed the final 4 on the Voice. i'll be completely shocked if someone from team Blake doesn't win again after the performances earlier.

enough of my ramblings. hope this finds everyone well.

music today:

Hammock - Departure Songs Sampler
The Civil Wars - Live at Eddie's Attic
Brooke Annibale - Silence Worth Breaking

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

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