Thursday, December 6, 2012

the happiness lasted for maybe 6 hours at best

i was not shocked at Manchester United's loss yesterday. thankfully, i didn't watch so my frustration with the lack of goals was muted somewhat. i was not thrilled to see that Cleverley came off with an injury. if he can't go this weekend, one of the old men (Giggs, Scholes) may have to play the whole 90 on Sunday. fuck, hopefully RvP is ready to destroy City and leave those blue fuckers crying for the rest of the season.

i was pleasantly shocked to see Dayton beat Alabama last night. easily, the most complete performance they have had all season. they finally looked like the team i thought i would see for the most of this season. hopefully they remember to play that way again when i see them on Saturday.

and any happiness i may have had from last night ended when i saw the Yankees offered a contract to Kevin Youkilis. fuck me, has it really turned to this? i mean, i had to accept Boggs and Damon even though it felt like part of my soul was dying, but, Youk? fuck me. turn to one of the kids and allow them to fail before you waste money on the Red Sox trash. knowing my luck i'll wake up tomorrow and he's accepted the deal.

bad enough my fantasy team is going against someone who has half his roster playing tonight. i know i have already clinched the regular season title, but 1 loss looks much better than 2, i'm just sayin'.

got all the music i needed to burn for gifts for my family done today. so, now it's just waiting for one more gift for my sister to arrive and then time to break out the newspaper and wrap gifts. where the fuck did this year go?

NFL and The Big Bang Theory tonight. maybe a little of Dave's Old Porn as well later on. that and trying to keep up with everything going on with my google+ account. my thirst for knowledge will eventually drive me insane.

(somewhere i hear my family laughing, muttering eventually? more like already.)

music today:

Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land

"All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy." - Spike Milligan

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