Monday, March 17, 2014

these old Irish eyes

i was up to about 4 in the morning filling out NCAA brackets, mostly because the Dayton Flyers made the tournament for the first time since 2009. and they get to play Ohio State. this is really funny as Ohio State never plays in state schools EVER and our best scorer transferred from there. i believe this will be the second time we're playing them in almost 30 years.

so, my day has been a series of naps. that, and sneaking in candy so i don't fall asleep. i gave up this afternoon and just sat back in the chair and was out for a few hours. if the phone wouldn't have rang, i might still be asleep.

i did enjoy the Sunday night shows. Girls was good. Vice is always my favorite news show. Shameless was great as usual. House of Lies was good. and Episodes finished off its' season on a pretty strong streak.

as for this evening, my Monday night battle between The Voice and Monday Night Raw resumes. the battle rounds start on The Voice. i suppose i will be on YouTube sometime catching up on what i miss. as for Raw, should be a good episode after last week.

the New York Rangers did everything but fucking score yesterday, losing 1-0. i'll write this off to running into a scorching hot goalie, but they have to start getting points out of all of these games. they already have slipped down to the final playoff spot. that's not a good sign. i believe they play tomorrow night in Ottawa.

hope everyone had a wonderful day of drinking. i haven't had a drop yet, but that's going to change here in a bit. i'll be on here tomorrow sometime before i go to the First Four games at UD Arena. so, early afternoon i imagine.

be well my enemies...


The Pogues - The Very Best Of The Pogues
U2 - The Joshua Tree

"I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists." - Alexander McQueen

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