Sunday, March 9, 2014

i thought this was a day of rest

as soon as i opened up my email a few hours ago, i knew i was going to get really busy very soon. 2 poems accepted, another published, i won $25 at, checking on fantasy hockey scores, all while listening to music and the NASCAR race in the other room.

let us start with last night. my nerve pain only went crazy during the national anthem. i wasn't sure if it was how i had my head or simply the nerve reacting to the guy doing the anthem. at no other point did it bother me. so, i'm taking that as a good sign. Dayton started off slow but was playing great defense. thankfully, that defense stayed for most of the game. Dayton wins 60-48. a very nice night for the seniors. i believe they will be the 5th seed in the A10 tournament. if they can get 1 or 2 wins in that, i truly believe they will be in the tournament for the first time since 2009. i truly enjoyed that victory beer.

i have to admit, i hardly remember anything last night from Saturday Night Live. i do remember the Adam & Eve sketch, that was pretty damn funny. and i do remember the first song The National played, but other than that, nada. i suppose i needed the sleep.

got up pretty early this morning, changed the rest of the clocks and started picking up trash. got that down to the end of the lane after breakfast. saw all but one of the cats today. i'm not sure where A Boy Named Sue has gone. she is notorious for going missing for weeks on end when the weather gets warmer. i suppose being in the 40's is good enough for her.

the New York Rangers played at noon against Detroit. The King started out with the intensity that lets me know, he's ready to have a good game. and so he did. a 3-0 shutout. 2 huge points to go back into second place in the division. the 49th shutout of his career, tying the club record. his 300th victory in the NHL, putting him 1 behind the team record for wins. all in all, a lovely way to start my afternoon.

the rest of my day has been some college basketball and soccer from Italy.

the $25 from came as a bit of a surprise. i won it from one of the survey sites i am a member of. whenever i enter these contests, i never expect to win. i split the $25 into 3 different gift certificates, all to restaurants i have never been to before. i figure sometimes i do need to push myself out of my comfort zone.

i am really looking forward to the Sunday night shows tonight. the season finale of True Detective will be up first. i will know it is great if my sister calls right after and screams holy shit or what the fuck. i am expecting that phone call. Girls is up after that. and then i'll hop on over to Showtime to watch Episodes (some of that will include a piss break i imagine), Shameless, and House of Lies. hopefully i will stay awake for all of them.

oh by the way, i did remember to change the clock in my truck. i'm getting sharper as i get older. must be the pot i smoked in my teens.

that is all for me today. i hope everyone had a lovely weekend. i'll be on here sometime tomorrow. i'm not exactly sure when. one never knows what will be in the po box on any given day. i am waiting on a few things. and i should probably start song shopping on iTunes. so, there is a glimpse into my tomorrow.

peace and chicken grease...


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes - Self Titled
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away
PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love

"I like the moment when I break a man's ego." - Bobby Fischer

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