Saturday, March 29, 2014

let the craziness begin

it was raining when i woke up this morning. i knew as soon as i put my left leg down on the floor. when my scar tissue tingles like that, i know it's really raining. i don't need to look out the window. soon after i got done feeding the cats, that rain turned to a wet snow. i just love spring in Ohio.

what really made me laugh was the sunshine when i turned on the Manchester United game. i suppose the bizarre weather switch could be a good sign that maybe Dayton will beat Florida tonight. or maybe i'm reaching for hope.

United got off to the usual slow start, giving up a goal to Aston Villa in the first 15 minutes. thankfully, that woke the team up. 2 goals from Wayne Rooney, a goal (finally) from Juan Mata and then Chicharito finished it off late. a nice 4-1 win that was much needed as the best team in Europe is coming on Tuesday. and as much as i want to believe they have a chance against Bayern Munich, i know damn well they don't.

looks like the fiasco between my doctor's office and the pharmacy has been figured out. i'll start the arthritis medication tomorrow as i want to take it each morning with breakfast. and since that's the only meal i eat around the same time each day, my doctor advised doing it then. and i try to be a good patient, most of the time.

the New York Rangers lost last night, 4-3. they picked the wrong night to do so, as every other team around them in the playoff race won. sadly, they actually got the lead in the 2nd period but the defense slipped into a coma and turned 3-2 into 4-3 for Calgary. they next play Sunday night.

i did do some writing last night, after Kentucky blew up my brackets for good. i busted out 3 poems that i really like. i typed them up a few hours ago and i like them even more now. i'd like to have one more writing session and then i'll start sending out submissions again. you have been warned.

i am as ready as i'm going to be for the Dayton Flyers vs. Florida tonight. i believe Dayton has a chance, but they will have to play their A+ game to do it. all i really want from them tonight is to give themselves a chance to win the game. if they can do that, regardless of how it works out in the end, i'll be happy. they have gone so much farther than anyone expected. but, if they do make the Final Four, it will be the first time they have made it since 1967. and if they do win tonight, i will be sky fucking high for a week.

so far my nerves are holding up pretty well. i've been watching soccer all day long. i'm sure the butterflies will come in a few hours.

after the game, and depending on my mood, i'm looking forward to watching Saturday Night Live tonight. mostly due to Louis C.K. also, if i can stay awake, there's a new episode of ROH tonight. there's a better chance i catch that tomorrow at noon.

that's all for me party people. hope everyone enjoys the weekend and i do hope the weather is better in your neck of the woods. until tomorrow my enemies.

peace and chicken grease...


AC/DC - Back in Black
Guided By Voices - Human Amusements at Hourly Rates

"Everybody wants to do something to help, but nobody wants to be first." - Pearl Bailey

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