Saturday, March 15, 2014

a sleepy haze

i just woke up from a nap. of course, i don't exactly remember when i fell asleep. that is the beauty of being depressed and watching nothing but soccer all day long. you eventually just fade into a coma. a coma with strange accents and long names.

thankfully, the New York Rangers won last night. i would hate to have seen what today would have been like after a loss. Hank tied the franchise record for wins and Hags got his first career hat trick. 2 much needed points.

talked to my sister for the first time in a few weeks today. wanted to let her know that the high school we went to made the state final 4 in basketball for the first time in 8 years. they are playing up near her on Friday, so i'm sure she'll go to the game.

did a true check of the damage we got yesterday from the wind when i was out feeding the cats. we had a nice section of the old hog barn blow off. basically, the hole is big enough that anything smaller than a bear can get in the building now. and then i got to the bank barn. a door ripped right off of the hinges. part of the frame of the bigger door broken. i did my best to collect the parts and avoid the old rusty nails. i wiped my hands on my pants and just muttered, this will be a job for the Amish. of course, that all depends if mom wants to fix any of it at all.

the joys of depression...

i'm pretty sure i'll be bouncing between hockey games tonight and maybe a little college basketball. but not much, still too painful. and hopefully, since i had a nice long nap, i'll be awake for ROH tonight.

sorry for being short, but my imagination has taken the day off as well.

hope everyone is having a good weekend. or you are preparing to overthrow the world. either or, it's all good.


Drivin' N' Cryin' - Straight To Hell (MP3 Single)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy (MP3 Single)
Joe Ely - The Road Goes On Forever (MP3 Single)
Thriving Ivory - Angels On The Moon (MP3 Single)
U2 - Bad (MP3 Single)

"When I go to a bar, I don't go looking for a girl who knows the capital of Maine." - David Brenner (Feb. 4, 1936 - March 15, 2014)

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