Thursday, March 20, 2014

so this is what ecstasy is like...

as you can tell from that video, my day has been pretty fucking great...

Dayton beats Ohio State 60-59. my brackets are still perfect and a ton of fuckers around the country have thrown theirs in the trash. i love it.

on top of that, Manchester United got a HUGE hat trick from RVP yesterday to come all the way back to advance in the Champions League. that probably saves Moyes' job, or his life. either way, a huge fucking win.

the 2 games i went to last night to finish out the First Four were good. Texas Southern won the battle of the bands but Cal Poly won the game 81-69. just got to love a team with a losing record advancing in the tournament. they will play Wichita St. tomorrow. in the nightcap, Iowa pissed away a lead they had for nearly 35 minutes of the game. Tennessee takes the lead late and Iowa sends it into overtime. in OT, Tennessee did everything right and Iowa either ran out of gas or thought the overtime was going to start 10 minutes later than it did. Tennessee wins 78-65. they will next play UMass.

but since the game went late, my plans got altered, just a little. i did have dinner at Waffle House which proves i will eat anything after not eating anything for 11 hours. made it back home a little after 1, so i missed a little of Legit. i did see all of Ali G and most of Duck Dynasty before i passed out in the chair. the plan was to check all my emails and do a couple other things and then go to sleep in my bed. i woke up at 7 this morning, wondering why the fuck my shoes were still on. i just love the times when the days just blend all together.

so far the first day of spring here has been good. a little cool, but dry. of course, there's a chance of rain or SNOW the next couple of days. welcome to spring in Ohio.

today is the anniversary of the death of my grandfather. it's actually the first death i remember. i was 4 when he died in 1980.

got all the "new" cats named. Cookie, Spiderman, Ryan Giggs, Boomer, Alfred, Batman, Robin, and Kris Kristofferson. made sure to write them down to help mom out. not like she'll actually use them or something, more of a just in case scenario.

that pretty much is all for me. back to the basketball. i'll be on here tomorrow sometime. i believe my mother and i are going out to watch some games in a bar as both of our doctor appointments for tomorrow got cancelled.

hope this finds everyone well, enjoying some good wine, some better words, or a woman of the evening at a fair price. or for you women that actually read this, a man. or a woman, i have my dreams...

be well bitches...


AC/DC - Back in Black
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
Metallica - Master of Puppets

"Don't let other people tell you what you want." - Pat Riley

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