Friday, March 14, 2014

now i know how the Utah Jazz felt

just watched Dayton lose to St. Joe's for the 3rd fucking time this year. and i know damn well, if Dayton shoots better at the free throw line, or even shoot like they normally do, they win this game. instead, i had to watch the asshole refs swallow their whistles on a play near the end of the game where Langston Galloway blatantly pushes off to make a 3 to take the lead. i was not aware that Michael Jordan was playing for St. Joe's. and honestly, if that is the play that keeps us out of the NCAA tournament, i will turn this blog into a daily rant to break up the NCAA for good. what a fucking joke.

i would include the video or a gif but it is up at nearly every damn sports site there is right now.

my war with my computer continues. i believe i have figured out that the cd burner is developing its own personality and only works when it wants to. so, i'll be shopping for a external cd burner sometime soon.

a big thank you to iTunes for actually having customer service that works. i reported the problem i had with the download and less than 2 hours later i got an email telling me how to fix the problem. and that fix actually worked.

so, of course i had to end up making my cousin another cd to include that song. my burner only allowed me to put 12 songs on this one. but, i still think it is pretty damn good. hopefully he enjoys all of these and hopefully he pays me handsomely for them.

the New York Rangers play tonight in Winnipeg. hopefully they won't make my day a complete fucking waste of my life. i believe Hank will be in goal, once again trying to tie the franchise record for wins by a goalie.

other than that. i think i will be avoiding college basketball for the rest of the evening.

the wind has been totally fucking crazy here today. got shit flying off of the roofs and drain pipes all over the fucking place. i had a great time trying to get the barn doors closed again.

yet another day where i understand completely that i am only here for the amusement of god. i understand more each day why so many of my friends are atheists.

hope everyone has a great weekend. i believe mine will be one where i see how quickly i can develop an ulcer. if Dayton doesn't get picked for the tournament on Sunday, regardless of what Manchester United does in the morning, my weekend will officially FUCKING suck.

be well my enemies...


Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See
Beck - Sea Change

"I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it." - Groucho Marx

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