Wednesday, March 19, 2014

you ever get a song stuck in your head

when i got home around 12:30 last night, i was pretty damn tired. but i had this fucking song trapped in my head that they played before each basketball game last night. it became my mission to find it on iTunes before i went to bed. by 4 AM i had completed my mission. welcome to my crazy life.

the first game last night between Albany and Mount St. Mary's was a back and forth affair. both teams had hot and cold stretches that at least kept the game interesting. Albany gets its first ever win in the NCAA tournament, 71-64. that brought on the NC St. vs. Xavier game. the hatred for Xavier was really in the air. there were enough of the pricks from down in Cincy up there that my blood was boiling. now mind you, i'm in the first few rows of the second deck, so basically my yelling was simply entertaining the fans around me. but, they were totally fucking entertained. as i explained to my mother, since those assholes weren't on the schedule this year, i had it all inside of me to get out last night. and i was on full fucking blast for 40 minutes. it was great. NC St. advances to face Saint Louis, 74-59. i enjoyed every fucking second of that beating.

as i figured, since i wasn't watching, the New York Rangers would win last night. sure enough, they won 8-4 in Ottawa. Hank becomes the franchise leader in wins by a goalie. here are the highlights:

and during my search for that song stuck in my fucking head, i did get to see most of what happened on The Voice last night. hats off to Usher for still having nearly his whole team still involved, either through wins or steals.

tonight, i will get to see Cal Poly vs. Texas Southern and then Iowa vs. Tennessee. hopefully, both games will be good. i'm getting prepared for the sea of fucking orange tonight. sadly, those fans from Tennessee travel well.

the plan after dinner tonight at Waffle House, is to watch Legit, Ali G., and Duck Dynasty when i get home. hopefully i will have enough energy left to do so.

now, i'm off to watch a little of Manchester United before i hop in the shower. in there i'll have to get prepared to listen to another night of the mid 50's hipsters sitting behind me at the basketball games. nothing like a talk about South by Southwest that lasts for 3 DAMN hours. god help me.

hope everyone is well. i'll be on here tomorrow probably after Dayton plays Ohio State. i'll either be sky fucking high or really depressed. good times.

peace and chicken grease...


Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Sport Chant Stadium Remix) (MP3 Single)
Nelly w/Nicki Minaj & Pharrell - Get Like Me (MP3 Single)
Icona Pop - I Love It (MP3 Single)
Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (MP3 Single)
The Crystal Method - Busy Child (MP3 Single)

"The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination." - Richard Wright

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