Thursday, March 13, 2014

my war with technology

so today was the day i was going to get my shit in gear and get the cds my cousin wanted done. and i did that, for the most part. i was downloading one song from iTunes and the internet feed went dead. that was fun. the song is downloaded yet i somehow can't play it. the shitty thing is i paid for it. not fun. and after spending a few hours to get all the songs downloaded, i started putting a cd together. i've got the perfect mix but it won't burn. i try a few different cds and still nothing. i go out and get new cds and still nothing. and then i try to burn less songs from iTunes and sure enough it worked. so, what was supposed to be 2 cds full of music became 3. 6 FUCKING hours of my day on all of this. thank god i'm getting money for this.

during this debacle today, i did get to see the Dayton Flyers advance in the A10 tournament. they started off on fire against Fordham and were up by 19 at halftime. and then of course, they tried to just sleepwalk through the second half and allowed the lead to get down to 5. thankfully, they woke the fuck up in time and won by 13, 87-74. that is now 10 wins in their last 11 games. they play the only team to beat them in that stretch tomorrow, St. Joe's. Dayton will have to play just about perfect to win as they just don't match up well against St. Joe's. i'd like to think Dayton is in the NCAA regardless of what happens tomorrow, but i get the feeling tomorrow is an elimination game. hopefully Dayton wins.

i'm typing this having just watched the New York Rangers lose 2-1 in Minnesota. sadly, 2 damn mistakes and they end up in the net. this team needs to find some fucking goals quickly. they can't expect to have all the teams around them lose all the time so they can back into the playoffs. they play tomorrow in Winnipeg. that will be a wild one.

i did enjoy The Big Bang Theory tonight. always a good show.

last night, i laughed my ass off at Legit. i didn't get to see much of Ali G as my shower and toilet time took way longer than i expected. i always love when dinner just doesn't sit right.

tomorrow, i'm hoping to get some sleep and maybe relax for a little bit. and maybe not have to deal with any computer shit. of course, i haven't checked my email in a few hours, so i probably have a ton to get to.

the weather got pretty damn cold here but the sun came out and really burned off most of the snow. looks like we are going to be in the yo yo here for awhile. a couple of days in the 50's and then right back into the 30's. rinse and repeat. just crazy enough to keep everyone sick.

i did see where the New Orleans Saints traded Darren Sproles to the Eagles. for the fantasy football guy in me, that should be fun. for the Saints fan in me, that will come back to haunt us.

that's all for me. i'm off to go check some email and then drink myself to sleep.

hope this finds everyone well. if not, i'm pretty sure you have yourself to blame.

peace bitches...


more damn country music than i have listened to in my life

"Nobody became an actor because he had a good childhood." - William H. Macy

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