Monday, March 10, 2014

i'm starting to really hate the weather

i woke up this morning with the usual amount of back pain. by the middle of the morning, my back was in knots. i checked the weather and noticed we have a major cold front coming through soon. not sure how much snow we're going to get as i'm currently avoiding local news as much as i can. my best guess is around 5 to 8 inches. that'll be fun after 2 days in the 60's. the temperature is supposed to drop almost 50 degrees in the span of a day. fuck me running.

i did manage to stay awake for all of the Sunday night shows i watch. i am really happy i did. True Detective was brilliant last night. it had me on the edge of my seat. they tied up enough loose ends for me not to whine about certain parts left unanswered. i just wonder how many creepy fucks are like that in the swamp. Girls last night had me laughing, mostly because of the horrific acting. plus, throw in a cameo from one of my favorite comedians, Jim Florentine. recipe for a winner. Episodes was actually much better than it has been for weeks. Shameless was great once again. i once again got to see what i missed by not going to college. House of Lies was great once again. overall, a really good night of television.

today has been one of those sleepy Mondays for me. when my back feels like this, i just want to fucking sleep and crawl into a hole. a comfortable hole. a hole with high speed internet as i'm always in the mood for porn even when my back does hurt. find the pleasure in the pain.

tonight will be the usual channel flipping between The Voice and Monday Night Raw. i'm hoping both shows are good. i may sprinkle in some hockey as well as this is the last week of the fantasy regular season. i have sowed up the #1 seed for the playoffs, but that isn't good enough for me. i've spent all this time on it, i might as well win it.

a big thank you to everyone for the comments on my last poem that got published. i do appreciate it.

sorry to cut this short, but i've got a sink full of dishes to do.

hope everyone had a great weekend. hope you're enjoying your pain better than i am.  i'll be on here sometime tomorrow, hopefully long before this fresh hell hits the farm.

be well my enemies...


The 1975 - Self Titled
Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks

"All actors should experience public failure." - Olivia Wilde

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