Friday, February 28, 2014

the calm before the storm

i have spent most of the day looking at weather reports. how this next monster storm is tracking has me a little worried. most every model i've seen has my area getting hours of freezing rain/sleet. that hopefully will be wrong or there is a good chance there will be no fucking power here on the farm. i'd prefer 10 inches of snow to all that freezing rain. hopefully, knock on wood, they are wrong like they usually are.

the New York Rangers played a great game last night, defeating Chicago 2-1. Cam Talbot was great in goal, and should have got the shutout. he had 2 amazing saves in the final seconds to keep the game from going to overtime. they next play in Philly on Saturday.

here's some funny shit from Jimmy Fallon:

i did watch the new episode of The Big Bang Theory last night. always funny. that show is so well written.

as for tonight, i'm sure i'll be bouncing around some basketball and hockey games, all while watching the tree house show most likely and whatever is on the Food Network as well. and probably a healthy dose of Weather Nation as well.

i do know a storm is coming. i can feel it in my bones. i'm amazed i haven't taken another pain pill today. my left arm has been killing me. but, i did have a little fun watching the cats enjoy the sunshine today. we must not have any coyotes on the property anymore as the cats were all over the fucking place today. up in trees, down by the creek, and then they of course shit in unison in the backyard. i imagine there will be some poems from that.

i'll be on here tomorrow in the afternoon most likely. the Dayton Flyers play a MUST WIN game at 11 in the morning. at this rate, with how i feel, there is no chance in hell i'll be going to that game. i believe it is on ESPNU. so, hopefully i'll be enjoying a victory beer while on here tomorrow.

hard to believe it is the end of the month already. hopefully everyone has enjoyed my subtle black history month tributes.

i hope this finds everyone well. hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully mother nature doesn't fuck any of us in the ass this weekend.

peace and chicken grease...


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"There's a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at." - Richard Pryor

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