Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and now, the melting begins

we had an ice storm move through here last night that started off with some thunder. the weather this winter is straight out of a fucking b-movie. thankfully, it wasn't enough ice to bring down power lines or knock down any trees. although, i did wake up to plenty of branches down in the yard. when i saw how icy it was this morning, i didn't bother to even try to deal with it. i tried to get some more sleep as the sun started to make an appearance. thankfully, it damn near got to 50 today and melt most of the ice. it looks like it will be above freezing for the rest of the week. that should melt most of the snow and leave a good bit of mud everywhere. that will make it fun walking over to feed the cats.

i was in and out of the hockey action today at the Winter Olympics. the quarterfinals are now set. Sweden plays Slovenia, Finland plays Russia, USA plays Czech Republic, and Canada plays Latvia. i feel pretty good in predicting Sweden, USA, and Canada will win. i have no damn clue in the Finland vs. Russia game. i could see both teams winning.

i fell asleep last night before the main event of Monday Night Raw. after checking YouTube, i didn't really miss much. the match between Cesaro and Cena last night was great. sadly, the wrong guy won.

i did wake up in time to watch The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. i enjoyed it. you could tell Jimmy was nervous as hell. this was really fucking funny:

and U2 doing their new song on the roof with that sunset was amazing. beyond picturesque. i was happy i woke up to watch it. it'll certainly get tricky for me when it is going up against Letterman. thankfully, Jimmy puts most of the damn show up on YouTube. that certainly helps.

the beauty or horror of the chili i make is 12 hours later and you are planted on the toilet. as my mother put it this morning, i guess both of us are cleaned the fuck out now. you're welcome for the visual.

i really don't know what i'm going to watch tonight. i'm getting the itch to do some writing. that may happen here soon. most likely after my next visit to the doctor on Thursday. i have spent most of the day listening to music. and watching Barcelona beat Manchester City in Champions League play. so much for Shitty's coach saying that they were the only club in Manchester. i always love when those fuckers get humbled.

that's all for me. i'll be on here tomorrow after all the hockey games. and hopefully sipping on a victory beer. i hope this finds everyone well.

peace and chicken grease.


Holly Henry - The Immigrant
The 1975 - The 1975
Bettye LaVette - The Scene of the Crime
The Pogues - The Very Best of The Pogues
Ashley Monroe - Like a Rose

"As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think." - Toni Morrison

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