Monday, February 3, 2014

sunshine and pain

i pretty much knew i had picked the wrong team to win the Super Bowl when the first snap of the game ends up in a safety. it was not an entertaining blowout, nor were the commercials the greatest either. i did enjoy the halftime show very much. i'm pretty sure millions of people finally know who Bruno Mars is now.

as for the Sunday night shows, Shameless was great as always. i did enjoy House of Lies very much. and i fell asleep during Episodes, missing the last 5 minutes. but, since i can't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, i did see those 5 minutes later in the night. i did catch the episode of New Girl after the Super Bowl. it did make me laugh, as did seeing Prince with that damn fro.

sadly, i don't believe the pain pills are working as well as they did when i first started taking them. my arm has really been bothering me today. of course, i believe some of that has to do with the weather.

i did manage to type up the 2 poems i wrote this weekend. i also did a quick brainstorm of my favorite 15 poems for that poetry project i wrote about yesterday. i believe i have the 15 i want to send. i think it's a fairly good mix of my work. i suppose time will tell.

the weather forecast for here for the middle of the week apocalypse storm keeps changing. hopefully, the latest one is true where we get mostly snow and sleet and no freezing rain. i could live with that.

i was a little stunned to see that Philip Seymour Hoffman died on Sunday. then, i read up on his struggles with addiction and was less stunned. sad to see an amazing talent go way too soon.

i am really hoping Monday Night Raw is good enough tonight to distract me from my pain. i know there is a steel cage match tonight, so that should help.

other than that, i see a long shower in my future and leftover snacks from Super Bowl Sunday for dinner. good times.

that's all for me. hope everyone had a great weekend. a big thank you to Michele for following the blog. and a big thank you for all the love on LinkedIn here lately, i really appreciate it.

peace and chicken grease.


Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
Lecrae - Church Clothes, Vol. 2

"It always seems impossible until its done." - Nelson Mandela

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