Saturday, February 22, 2014

unexpected joy

so i woke up this morning to the news that Finland was getting their starting goalie back for today's game. my first thought was oh shit. after watching Finland humble the USA 5-0 to win the bronze, i was correct. the USA got exactly what it deserved today. the team basically quit and played selfishly and like shit. Finland deserved the game and the bronze medal.

so, after that debacle, it was time to watch Manchester United. their 41st game of the year and 41st different starting lineup. at this point, i hope Moyes uses a different one for every game just for the sake of being an asshole. 0-0 at half didn't exactly fill me with hope. but, a pk from RVP and a wonderful goal from the insanely rich Wayne Rooney and suddenly, a 2-0 win. MUCH needed 3 points. hopefully the team can continue to get healthier and really do well in the upcoming Champions League games.

while that game was ending, the Dayton Flyers were starting on the radio. they must have decided they didn't need to try in this game as they started off colder than a dead person. down 17-2 at one point. and early in the second half, they were down 18 points. then, either the lights went on or the coach threatened death to all of them as Dayton came all the way back to win 57-54. helps when the other team plays not to lose instead of playing to win. Dayton is now 19-8 and firmly on the bubble for the NCAA tournament.

i'm currently enjoying that second victory beer. and it is my favorite, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

i wrote 3 poems before going to bed last night. i typed them up this afternoon as alcohol helps ease the pain of typing. 1 of them i really like. i'm planning on going through all the poems here next week to get a few submissions ready.

i did watch the tree house show last night as they were building a recording studio up in a tree house. if i only had some fuck you money...

as for tonight, plenty of college basketball to flip through and then some ROH to end the evening. hopefully i stay awake.

here is probably my favorite moment from last night:

i'll be on here tomorrow sometime after the gold medal game at the Winter Olympics. and after i pick up the trash and get it down to the end of the lane. and after i feed the cats and try to explain to them how it can be 60 one day and then be snowing the next. and sometime during the Daytona 500 as i'm not doing any NASCAR fantasy this year, so i really don't give a shit. my favorite driver is back in Indy Car again.

hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. if you are going out tonight, drink one for me. and remember, only fuck the ones that cough.

peace and chicken grease.


Ted Hawkins - The Next Hundred Years

"Real freedom is having nothing. I was freer when I didn't have a cent." - Mike Tyson

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