Sunday, February 9, 2014

a weekend ruined

after a few deep breaths, i look back and suppose this is the price we Manchester United fans are having to pay for all the years of glory. today's game ran the entire chart of emotions. happy to see old faces, utterly disappointed to be losing to a team at the bottle of the table, to the utter disgust that the lead was over a hour long, to jubilation when RVP scored, to pure elation when Carrick scores seconds later, to the bottom of hell when Fulham gets a goal in "Fergie" time. 2-2 against that team is beyond unacceptable. i shutter to think what Wednesday is going to look like at Arsenal. if i had a white flag, i'd be waving. i can't see any chance of ending up in 4th place now. the only way United plays in the Champions League next year is by winning it this year. and honestly, the only manager capable of pulling that off this year is sitting in the stands.

the pain will be a bit sharper the rest of the day, i can guarantee that.

i didn't sleep well at all last night. we had a cold front moving through and it was killing my body all night long. i tried to stay up to watch ROH but fell asleep in the middle of it. thankfully, wrestling fans post results to everything on the internet, so at least i know what i missed.

the Dayton Flyers surprised me yesterday with an unlikely win at St. Bonaventure, 72-69. especially when they were trailing by 5 with 4 minutes left or so. that's when i looked over at my mom and said they've got 'em right where they want 'em. when Dayton won, i kept telling her over and over, i told you, i told you... that was a nice victory beer.

not sure how i'm going to manage my Sunday viewing schedule tonight. i want to watch that Beatles special but that means all my regular Sunday shows are going to be shuffled back into the middle of the night. not that i won't be up or anything, i'm simply trying to plan which shows am i going to fall asleep in the middle of. hopefully, if we do end up moving, we get that DIRECTV whole home DVR. that would solve these god damn dilemmas. that being said, there's no fucking way i'm falling asleep during True Detective. i LOVE that show.

i suppose i should go eat lunch as i have pills to take. this is the downside of being a sports fanatic. the lows can get really fucking low, especially when you have a neck and left arm that is killing you slowly. i swear my left thumb is permanently numb. haven't had any damn feeling in it for 2 fucking weeks now. i imagine that will be a poem somewhere down the line.

and speaking of poems, i didn't do the 15 poems like i should have done last night. instead, as the pain was torturing me, i did a little shopping at i decided i was going to buy music from artists i have never bought before. i'm looking forward to hopefully finding some new bands to obsess over. i feel sorry for the fucker that has to fill the order though. i think i hit nearly every genre there is. and thanks to Christmas and my birthday, it didn't cost me a thing.

see all the good shit you have ruined this weekend in my life David Moyes.

i fed the cats this morning in the snow. that wasn't fun. the cats weren't exactly thrilled to see the snow either. i believe we have crossed the 40 inches of snow this winter. we still have a fucking month of this shit to go. hopefully it all melts slowly into the ground and the crops are wonderful this summer because of it. that's really the only good i can make out of this miserable fucking winter.

that's it. i need to eat. enough of my rambling for today. i hope everyone is well. you are surely better off than me.

peace and chicken grease.


Son House - The Original Delta Blues
Howlin' Wolf - The Definitive Collection

"I try to teach my heart not to want things it can't have." - Alice Walker

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