Wednesday, February 19, 2014

and then there was 4

since i'm not sleeping worth a shit these days, it does provide me the opportunity to watch plenty of the Winter Olympics live. and i did watch most of the 4 hockey games today. i couldn't give a shit about any of the other sports. Sweden took care of Slovenia 5-0. yet another shutout for The King. Finland put a smile on my face, defeating Russia 3-1. the USA beat the Czech Republic 5-2. and Canada was stymied for most of the game, but eventually beat Latvia 2-1. that sets up 2 delicious games on Friday. Sweden vs. Finland, a rematch of the 2006 gold medal game. and the USA vs. Canada, a rematch of the 2010 gold medal game. i will definitely be watching both of those games. plenty of skill and hatred.

i satisfied my itch to write last night by writing 5 new poems. i typed them up while i was enjoying a victory beer this afternoon. i do believe i have a few winners in the batch. i'm hoping to get a few submissions together for next week.

i really didn't watch much last night until the late night talk shows. it was basically just flipping through the channels. that won't be the case tonight. Dayton plays LaSalle at 9 tonight. since my neck isn't cooperating with me at the moment, i won't be going to the game. but, i will be watching on tv. hopefully Dayton comes out on fire since they have been off for a week. it's another MUST win game. they are certainly knocking on the door of march madness this year. they already have more wins this year than last year.

i go back to the doctor at 11 tomorrow morning. i'm hoping the appointment doesn't last too long as i would like to see a good portion of the women's gold medal game in hockey between the USA and Canada. so, i'm hoping it goes we're going to go in this direction, here's a new script for some pain pills and then off to the sports bar. i imagine i will have a MRI in my future. unless the doctor thinks some other course is the better way to go. but since i've been dealing with this for over a month now, i'll assume it is time to take this to the next level. as well as i'm managing the pain, i wouldn't mind not having to deal with it at all.

the farm is in a state of 80 acres of a sloppy fucking mess. the slow melt is definitely on. i don't mind that in the fields, as that will certainly help the crops down the line. but i really wouldn't mind if all the damn snow around the house was gone. since not one inch of this place is flat or level, it's tricky as fuck to walk to the bird feeders or even to the cats. hitting a bump wrong isn't real fun with a bad back. of course, tomorrow night i believe we have some thunderstorms moving through. i think there already is a high wind warning. that should be loads of fucking fun.

that's all for today. i hope everyone is well. i'll be on here sometime tomorrow afternoon with the health update. and hopefully i'll have a good buzz going as well. until then my friends and enemies.



Ray Charles - Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music (Bonus Tracks)
Muddy Waters - Blues Legend
Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Slick Rick - The Art of Storytelling

"The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work." - Michael Jackson

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