Tuesday, February 4, 2014

waiting for a storm

well, the assholes that do the weather on the local news can't make up their minds on which dire forecast to predict. are we getting the 10 inches of snow that will stop everything around here or are we getting an ice storm that's going to bring down power lines and freeze all of us to death? if i had to choose, i'll go with the snow. i've lived here long enough to know we'll get neither. but i'm getting my mind ready to battle with my arm just in case.

i've been in a pretty shitty mood all day long. the sun has decided to take the day off. you can just tell it wants to snow so damn bad but nothing is hitting the ground yet. but that doesn't stop it from fucking with my bones. i've been aching all damn day long. doesn't help that i didn't sleep for shit last night. hopefully the next trip to the doctor's office yields better results than this last one.

Monday Night Raw was really hit or miss last night. didn't really help me escape from my pain.

tonight, the New York Rangers are back in action against Colorado. i'd love to see a win mostly just so i can have a victory beer.

other than that, i imagine i'll be watching it snow this evening. if the arm is feeling good enough, maybe i'll try to do something creative. if not, i'll be in my recliner trying to sleep.

a big thank you to Michelle Mattila for her lovely comments about my book, Sofisticated White Trash. that's certainly one way to take my mind away from this shitty day.

well, the pain pills are starting to fade. that's all for me. i hope everyone is well. i hope you don't have a shitty storm coming your way. and i hope your mind isn't consumed with pain.



Al Green - Greatest Hits
Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox

"Each person must live their life as a model for others." - Rosa Parks

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