Wednesday, February 5, 2014

contemplating a blank canvas

so i got a phone call from the doctor's office today with the results of my 10 x-rays from last week. no structural damage that shows a new injury but there is some chronic issues with my neck that will be discussed tomorrow at the appointment. so, my mind immediately goes to a bulging disc or even better, worse neck damage that will need to be surgically repaired. of course, i won't know exactly until i talk to the doctor, but i am a worst case scenario type of guy.

we got almost 6 inches of snow last night, followed up by 1/4 inch of ice. that actually helped cap the snow and not have it drift all over the damn place. the guy who farms out here plowed the lane this morning and did most of the shoveling for me. a big thank you to him. i did the other two parts of the sidewalk that don't get used much. it was a very heavy snow. needless to say, i didn't feel great afterwards. and i still had to feed the cats. saw all but one of them. i figure he was out sneaking around looking for something to fuck.

the New York Rangers really impressed me last night with how they jumped on Colorado from the beginning and played a complete 60 minutes for a change. highlights are below:

tonight, the Dayton Flyers play at George Mason. i'm really hoping Dayton wins, seeing that GM is 0-7 in the A10 so far. Dayton really needs to get on a run to make up for the month they pissed away.

other than that tonight, i suppose i'll be flipping between some hockey games and god knows what else. most likely, as it has been for the last few nights, i'll fall asleep watching something and wake up in the middle of the night sore as fuck.

i've been having a good laugh reading all the horror stories from reporters over in Russia for the Winter Olympics. hopefully the games end up being better than what i have read so far. not thrilled with the times i will be getting up to watch the hockey games, but it's not like i sleep anymore anyway. of course, knowing my luck, i'll be having surgery and won't be able to watch any of the Olympics.

that's all for me today. i know damn well i won't sleep for shit tonight as i'll be busy wondering what the fuck is really wrong with my neck. i see the doctor at 11 in the morning tomorrow. not exactly sure what the plan is after that appointment. i do know it is going to be cold as fuck here tomorrow.

hope everyone is well. wish me luck and send me some positive vibes. or cash, that works as well. i'll provide some updates the next time i'm on here. until then...

peace and chicken grease.


Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming

"Don't let the same dog bite you twice." - Chuck Berry

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