Friday, February 21, 2014

i have certainly had better days

ok, where to begin? i suppose last night would be the best place to start. mom gets a message on her telephone that there is a tornado warning for our county. i flip over to the local news station and it was quite funny to see the fucker that does the weather scrambling, trying to plug his microphone in, and announcing the warning nearly out of breath. so he brings up the radar and i see that it is basically a mile away from us. the satellite signal goes out. we turn all the computers off and just ride it out. mom is sitting at the table and i'm pacing like an asshole ready to die. i find out this morning that a little baby tornado hit about 2 miles from here. all we had was some small limbs down in the yard. god is such a tease.

i was able to sleep in my bed last night for the first time in forever it seemed. i got a little over 4 hours. i did feel a little pain here and there but not the horrific pain i was feeling a month ago. so, when i woke up this morning, i was in a really good mood. that should have been my first sign.

soon after waking up, i got the shits. mom had to leave to go to Cincy for meetings, so i had the house to myself. so, my hot morning alone was about trips to the bathroom, watching some hockey on tv, doing my laundry, and trying to buy some Bruce Springsteen tickets. i got my laundry done, Sweden won like i wanted, more on the other game in a bit, i eventually took some Imodium, and by the time i got through the Springsteen tickets were sold out. more signs of what was coming.

team USA lost to Canada 1-0. just one damn mistake and that was all it took. so, Finland plays the USA in the who gives a shit game tomorrow morning. that will go right into the Manchester United game in the afternoon. so my Saturday will either be great or just a big pile of shit early on. after the United game, Dayton plays over in Pittsburgh against Duquesne. no tv on that one, so i might be taking out some frustrations screaming at a radio.

Canada plays Sweden for the gold on Sunday. i will be openly rooting for Sweden because i just can't stand the fucking arrogance of Canada when it comes to hockey. that is what makes today so fucking brutal.

i was actually happy that Wayne Rooney signed a long extension with Manchester United today. that should put all the rumors to bed for a few years at least.

i actually drove my truck for the first time since god knows when today. went in town to mail a book and get the mail. was a little tricky driving as my left arm starts to tingle whenever i fully extend it. so, i'll have to change how i drive for the time being. also, i was driving in 50 mph winds. so, that was tons of fun. it was a job just to keep the damn truck on the road. i probably would have done a better job if i was drunk.

i did watch some basketball last night. i was watching the Miami vs. OKC game when LeBron broke his nose on a dunk. i believe last night was his message to the league that Kevin Durant hasn't done shit yet, so hold up the MVP voting. and i did catch overtime of the late game. that was entertaining.

as for tonight, i have no fucking clue what i'm going to be watching. maybe some wrestling, maybe some basketball, maybe the tree house show, maybe reruns of shit i saw years ago, maybe some music, or maybe tonight is the night i just turn on the history channel or military channel and zone out to shit i already know. i do know i have been cussing at these assholes on Jeopardy this week for not knowing shit. it's obvious i didn't really miss anything by not going to college, other than drugs and pussy. i learned more on my own than these fucks at these prestigious universities. plus, any fucker that wears a bow tie should either be supporting a cause or be forced to admit they are a fucking asshole.

can you see i'm in a mood?

i'll be on here tomorrow after my games are over. hopefully sipping on 3 victory beers or the next blog post will be even more bitter than this pile of shit i wrote today.

hope everyone has a great weekend.  peace and chicken grease.


The Staple Singers - Platinum Gospel
B.B. King - Blues Summit
Buddy Guy - Living Proof

"Life doesn't give you all the practice races you need." - Jesse Owens

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