Monday, February 10, 2014

what happens if spring never comes?

i woke up this morning after maybe 3 or so hours of sleep and noticed the temps were down to the single digits once again. they just happened to stay there to this afternoon. the weather is certainly wreaking havoc on me. my back was paying the price today. and since it was in pain, that 1 oxy pill had to work for 2 spots. needless to say, i'm not a happy camper today.

i did manage to stay awake for everything i wanted to watch last night. i thought the Beatles special was pretty good. the best performances to me was Ed Sheeran doing "In My Life", mostly because that is my favorite Beatles song of all-time. and the performance of Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, and Gary Clark Jr. doing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" brought the house down. i also never look away anytime Annie Lennox is performing. great to see her and Dave Stewart back together for at least one night. overall, a very good 2 1/2 hours of music and nostalgia.

as for the Sunday night shows, True Detective was brilliant once again. i can't come up with the words to do that show justice. it is just fucking damn near perfect. Shameless was great last night as well. i have always loved how that show can go from party to serious in a nano second. and the possible plot twists from last night are endless. Girls made me laugh again, especially with the realization that if you really want to write and make money doing it, you basically have no choice but to sell your soul. House of Lies was good. and Episodes actually made me laugh a few times. probably the vagina with Yoda's voice that did it.

it was a little hard listening to sports talk radio today as the only thing anyone wanted to talk about was the player from Missouri that came out as gay last night. personally, i couldn't give a shit what his sexuality is, it's not my life. what i first thought about was how many homophobic Missouri football fans had a little vomit in the back of their throats when that news came out last night. the one thing i will give credit to this generation, with being so public with everything they do and say and think; they truly are forcing people to face their own hypocrisy. that has to make the world a better place over time. at least i fucking hope so.

after i take a long hot shower, i'll be getting ready to watch Monday Night Raw. i believe Betty White is the guest host tonight. i'm sure that means there will be at least one horrible comedy sketch to endure. i'm hoping the show is better than last week.

other than wrestling, i'll probably watch some college basketball as well. or whatever happens to be on the Food Network.

i haven't really got into the Winter Olympics yet. i imagine when the men's hockey gets going, my intensity will pick up for sure.

that's all for me. i hope everyone had a great weekend. i do hope everyone gets the chance to read the poems i just got published. especially the muse, as that poem about you should put the final nail in what used to be our friendship. and i know if you read it i won't hear from you, as it cuts a little closer to the bone than you ever thought i had the guts to do. i just love when someone doubts me.

be well. stay warm. find the positive in your life and then fuck the shit out of it.



Outkast - Stankonia
Ben Harper - Welcome to the Cruel World

"Where there is no vision, there is no hope." - George Washington Carver

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