Friday, February 14, 2014

i never really cared for this day

of course, i imagine i would have a much better attitude about this day if i was in a relationship or actually had a woman in my life that loved me more than as just a good friend. and to top off today, the snow that was supposed to be 50 miles south of here somehow ended up 50 miles north and is right on top of us. that light dusting we were supposed to get is going to be 4+ inches. fuck me, i'm so fucking tired of winter.

my back nearly went out on me twice today. thank god i remembered the stretches i learned for this type of oh shit moment. the good thing was my back was hurting so much that my neck felt better. i'm slowly falling apart.

i watched a good portion of hockey in the Olympics today. good to see The King get another shutout for Sweden. i'm really looking forward to the USA vs. Russia game in the morning. hopefully i'll actually get some sleep before the game comes on.

so De La Soul was allowing people to download their entire music catalog for free today. i wasn't going to pass that up. so, i put in my email for their first album. i'm still waiting for the download code. my luck, when it arrives i won't be able to download it. at least not for free.

thankfully, my order showed up a day early. so i've got plenty of new shit to listen to for a few months. of course, being in this house all day and night long, chances are i'll go through those 11 cd's in a few days.

in my boredom and frustration today, i took some photos...

you can see the rest of them in the slideshow on the right hand side of this blog.

not really sure what i'm going to be watching tonight on tv. i believe the NBA All-Star weekend festivities begin this evening. i suppose if i'm bored enough i'll check that out. of course, there is always my guilty pleasure tree house show on Animal Planet. beats watching the snow pile up.

i'm sure the birds are happy i got my broken bones out there to feed them today. i did see all the cats today, amazingly enough.

that's all for me. i do hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. be well, be creative, be drunk, be naked by a fire but don't get too close...

peace and chicken grease.


Sam & Dave - The Very Best of Sam & Dave
Billie Holiday - Love Songs
Solomon Burke - The Very Best of Solomon Burke

"The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion." - Frederick Douglass

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