Sunday, February 23, 2014

a sleepy Sunday

i expected to see snow when i woke up this morning. there was none. it was cold, but no snow. and the snow we did get later in the morning was nothing like they were talking about on the news. just your basic flurries and nothing more. i find it humorous anymore how often they are wrong. and people wonder why i have mostly stopped watching local television news.

ROH last night was excellent. both matches were sensational, especially Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O'Reilly. that match had a little of everything. Steen is one of my favorites in the indie scene. he always manages to make me laugh watching a match of his and then say holy shit 2 minutes later with some crazy move. of course, he doesn't fit the WWE mold of what a wrestler should look like, so he'll never get to the level of fame he deserves. so sad.

i did watch the gold medal game in hockey at the Winter Olympics this morning. when i heard that Sweden's top center was out because of illness (which later turned out to be a failed drug test) i knew they were in trouble. and frankly, if The King wasn't in goal, Sweden would have lost by more. 3-0 when you are completely outmatched is not bad. i was happy that The King was named to the all tournament team as top goalie by the media. he certainly deserved it.

i fell asleep watching the Daytona 500 today only to wake up to the race being red flagged because of a tornado warning. good times.

i was able to get everything i had to do this morning done, even with my lower back feeling like it was getting ready to go on strike. that was not fun, but i powered through it. might be another pain pill in my future this evening.

i am looking forward to my Sunday night shows tonight. i got my sister hooked on the show True Detective. it's the best show going today. Girls has been on a pretty good streak. Shameless is as good as it has ever been. House of Lies and Episodes are my come down shows. i think they help lead me into sleep around 1 or 2 in the morning.

also, i'll probably be following the ppv for the WWE tonight on the internet. should be an interesting one.

that's all for me today. got to get my mind ready for lows in the single digits again. thankfully, the propane tank got filled just the other day.

i'll be on here tomorrow in the afternoon/early evening. hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. enjoy the final few hours of it.

be well.


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