Wednesday, February 12, 2014

my body feels like it is 80 years old

when i woke up this morning, 3 1/2 hours after i fell asleep, my whole damn body ached. every portion that has any scar tissue on it was aching like i was an addict in need of a fix. and it has been like that all damn day long. it's a struggle to hold my head up to see what the fuck i am typing on the screen. good times.

men's hockey has started in the Winter Olympics so now i am interested. i watched Sweden beat the Czech Republic 4-2 earlier today. always good to see my favorite goalie get a win. i believe team USA plays tomorrow morning.

Manchester United played Arsenal to a 0-0 game. i wish United would have played this kind of defense all of this season. of course, 26th game of the Premier League season, 26th different lineup Moyes has started. there's part of the damn problem.

Dayton plays Rhode Island here in a few in a MUST win type of game. of course, they haven't beat Rhode Island since 2008. that streak has to end tonight if they want to have any chance to play in the postseason.

i did manage to send out the 15 poems this morning. i figured i would do my best to block out the pain to get it done. i want to thank Michele McDannold for the invitation to this project and for allowing me to send the poems as attachments. sorry it took 6 or so emails. i'm a piss poor organizer of this shit. when i hear back on the poems i will pass along the news here on the blog.

so i saw today that Derek Jeter will be retiring after this upcoming season. great, another year of waterworks. maybe they can make the playoffs for The Captain this season, since they couldn't do it for the greatest closer of all time this past season.

do check out episode #90 of the Sam Roberts Show Online. you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, as well as the right hand side of this blog. also, check out the new store at the website.

sorry for being so short today. the pain pills aren't working as well and mother nature has a foot up my ass. hope you enjoy that visual.

until tomorrow...


Charlie Parker - Jazz 'Round Midnight

"Never wound a snake; kill it." - Harriet Tubman

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