Wednesday, January 22, 2014

when you don't sleep it all becomes a nightmare

i might have got 3 hours of sleep last night. so i spent all morning taking little cat naps trying to catch up. during one of those naps, the phone rings. it's the mechanic and my truck is finally ready. so, that set forth a manic plan to get the paper, mail, hit the bank for a post birthday deposit, get my truck, get gas, and hopefully get back in time to watch Manchester United this afternoon.

when we hit the mechanic's place up, i knew i was going to miss most of the first half of United. but, i really didn't mind. the truck is like brand fucking new. new tires, a major tune up, oil change, fixed the shitty steering and holy shit, thing rides like a dream. well, a dream built in 1992. but, it should last me for a few more years.

got back home in time to see that United had scored. then like the assholes they are, they tried to sit on the lead for the next 90 minutes. all they had to do was score another one in regulation and the game would have been over. but no. so, on to extra time where United's goalie makes a horrific mistake with only 1 minute left. thankfully, Chicharito scores in the final seconds to send the game to penalty kicks. for some fucking reason Moyes sends up 3 defensive players out of the 5 to take kicks. as any child could figure out by now, United loses and is eliminated from the Capital One Cup. this season is beyond a fucking nightmare now. they could buy the entire Spanish national team this transfer window and it wouldn't help. LOST FUCKING CAUSE.

on top of that misery, the New York Rangers decided to shit all over my birthday last night by blowing a 2 goal lead to the fucking Islanders, losing 5-3. fuck me. thankfully, they traded the massive fucking headache Michael Del Zotto to Nashville today for the steady and signed for the next 4 years Kevin Klein. i like the trade, mostly because it gets rid of wasting talent. they play the Blues tomorrow night. another tough one.

i will not be going to the Dayton Flyers game tonight against VCU. 1) it starts in 15 minutes. 2) the weather is supposed to take a shitty turn tonight and we take nothing but back roads there. no thank you. especially not when all the towns around here have already said they are low on salt and are only going to treat the main roads. joy.

but, today was not all gloom and doom. i got off my lazy ass and got my new camera figured out. it's a Nikon CoolPix S3500. here are 3 of the 11 pictures i took today.

i will load the rest of them in the slideshow on the right hand side of this blog sometime soon (they are in the slideshow now). you can always see the rest of them on my Google+ page.

after the Dayton game tonight, i'll be watching Duck Dynasty and one of my favorite shows, American Horror Story.

lastly, i want to thank the New York Yankees for my birthday gift, although it was a day late. the 7 year, $155 million dollar contract to Masahiro Tanaka. thank you. now go win some fucking games.

hope everyone is well. my mother got me some stronger sleeping medicine, so my fingers are crossed that tomorrow i won't be whining about the bags under my eyes. peace and chicken grease.


Metallica - Death Magnetic

"A picture is a poem without words." - Horace

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