Monday, January 13, 2014

a better mood on a rainy day

i was actually able to get almost 5 hours of sleep last night. i figure that was due to the mix of pain pills and alcohol. of course, it wasn't 5 hours in a row. just my luck.

i would say the pain is becoming a little more manageable. of course, by saying that i'll be in agony later tonight.

i had a pretty good night last night. got all 4 playoff games right over the weekend. my fantasy hockey team responded well after a losing week by winning 10-0. and all the Sunday night shows were really good.

the New York Rangers got off to a great start last night, basically putting the game away in the first period with 3 goals. the Flyers did their usual shit, which helped my fantasy team with the penalty minutes. Rangers get a huge win in the division, 4-1.

i watched a few minutes of the Golden Globes last night. i thought what i saw was pretty funny. i watched some more of the highlights this morning on YouTube.

as for the Sunday night shows, True Detective was great. i can see that show quickly becoming a favorite of mine. has the potential to be really fucking creepy in the psychological kind of way. i liked the first episode of Girls more than the second one. Shameless was great as usual. looks like another crazy season is in store. House of Lies was back to being really good. Episodes is usually so bad it's good. just like last night.

as for tonight, after Monday Night Raw all i really wanted is a nice long shower and for the pain pills to work a little better. i'm sure i'll be watching some college basketball as well.

the silly season is back in full swing and i'm really enjoying all the "news" going on with Manchester United. if i have learned anything under David Moyes, expect nothing and be told it's a good thing.

as for all the A-Rod news with the New York Yankees... i'm really at the point where i don't give a shit. hopefully he is gone for all of 2014 and that money is used for better pitching. and hopefully one of these castoffs can be a decent third baseman for them this season.

that's all for me. hopefully everyone is better off than i am. be well, be drunk, be creative, be...


Tom Waits - Franks Wild Years

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

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