Friday, January 31, 2014

before the drugs kick in

here's a quick verdict from the doctor's visit today... he believes there is a 99% chance i have a pinched nerve somewhere in the neck/shoulder area. he prescribed 3 drugs, 1 for the pain, 1 for the nerve, and 1 steroid for the inflammation. i start that tomorrow. i've got a feeling that i'm going to be really fucked up when i'm taking all 3 at the same time. good times.

the rest of the details i believe will come out in some poems. i did have a couple rush to my mind while i was out from 9:30 this morning to 4 this afternoon.

last night, i did really enjoy The Big Bang Theory. the Saturday Night Live sports special brought back some good memories.

the Rangers play the Islanders here in a bit, so that's why this is so short. the victory beers may get a little tricky on these drugs.

i won't be going to the Dayton Flyers game tomorrow afternoon. since i don't really abuse prescription drugs like most of my friends and family, these things usually knock me on my ass.

i think the USA national soccer team plays tomorrow as well. and so does Manchester United. i guess i'll be back on here sometime when i'm awake and not watching sports.

that's all for me. wish me luck. i really do hope these drugs do the trick so i can actually sleep again and not be in constant pain. if they don't, i get to go the MRI route and then it will be cortisone shots and possible surgeries. thank god i have health insurance. not that it's really that good. i know damn well today alone is going to cost something with a number to the left of the comma. lovely.

hope everyone has a great weekend. the weather here has the sound of the apocalypse coming. hopefully i'll be too damn high to give a shit. be well. be creative. be nasty. be naughty. be late because you are having too good of a time to care anymore. be.


Lou Reed - Rock n Roll Animal

"I'm not here for your amusement. You're here for mine." - John Lydon

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