Friday, January 10, 2014

a dreary fog

yet another day with hardly any sleep. the pain has really subsided, other than a huge fucking knot i have in my upper left arm. the heating pad is no longer doing anything for me. and neither is ice. so, it's time i turn to the alcohol. good times.

it has been incredibly foggy here today. like a Stephen King type of fog. i'm not sure if i've been able to see down to the road at all today. the temps have got into the 40's today. so, most of the snow is finally melting. the stubborn ice is hanging on though.

the Big Bang Theory was pretty good last night. after that, i flipped between basketball games and the Treehouse Masters show on Discovery Channel. as usual, another thrilling night.

the New York Rangers play at home against Dallas tonight. hopefully they can keep the good momentum going.

other than that, tonight i see a shower and hopefully more than 3 hours in a row of sleep in my future.

not sure when i'll be back on here tomorrow. Dayton plays St. Louis at 11 am (ESPN2), so we'll be leaving here around 9:30 or so. and after that, i know mom needs to pick up her new laptop, so i imagine we'll be going south of town for that and some lunch. and then the New Orleans Saints play at like 4 or so in the afternoon. so, maybe i'll be back before that and sneak in a quick blog. or, maybe at halftime of the second playoff game tomorrow.

the best thing about tomorrow is there is about a 100% chance i won't be seeing Manchester United playing. knowing my fucking luck, they will win.

the new printer mom got last night is pretty cool. i might actually get a chance to print out some of my photos as there is a slot for photo paper in the printer. i'm thinking i may do a calendar next year where i mix some photos and my poems. i figure that could be my artsy fartsy Christmas gift next year for my friends and fans. who knows, 11 months from now i might be on a completely different brainwave.

if i can find a comfortable spot to write in, i might do some writing tonight. either that, or i may go crazy and literally work this knot out of my arm. be it with the handheld massage thing i have for my back or my handy swiss army knife... settle down, i'm too hairy for self surgery. that has big fucking mess written all over it.

11 days from now i'll be 38. i'm not exactly typing that with immense joy. but, if you'd like to get me something, you are more than welcome to do so...

hope everyone is well and warm. may all of you have a wonderful weekend. peace.


Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
Various Artists - Millennium: '80's New Wave Party
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Elvis Costello - The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years

"If you optimize everything, you will always be unhappy." - Donald Knuth

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