Thursday, January 16, 2014

insomnia meets insanity and the result is bloody

i suppose if i added up the number of hours i have slept in the last week, i wouldn't have to take off my shoes to count. last night was beyond ridiculous. i tried nearly every bed and chair in the house and couldn't fall asleep in any of them. i've nodded off today for maybe 45 minutes or so. which honestly, makes no fucking sense as that basically means i've been up for 46 of the last 48 hours.

somewhere in the insomnia last night i wrote 4 poems. i actually typed them up this morning. 2 of them i really like.

i watched the weather this morning and chose to get some shit done instead of fighting to sleep. so i got the animals fed, the paper and mail collected and a little breakfast all before 10 am. the snow started at 11:30, which made my decision a wise one. it was snowing sideways for a little while but is nothing more than some flurries at the moment. this is how it is supposed to be for the next 3 days. joy.

i've ditched the heat for my neck/shoulder/arm nerve problem and am now trying the cold treatments. basically, just freeze the fucker so i can't feel anything. my life has turned into a shitty country song. and to prove that point, my asshole started to bleed today. this is why i don't question why my sister won't even entertain the thought of me living near her when mom dies.

the Dayton Flyers got off to a horrible start last night, trailing to a Fordham team they had no business trailing to at all. amazingly, the defense picked up and the offense got instantly better (funny how that works) as Dayton turned a deficit of 9 points into a lead of 3 at halftime. thankfully, they started the second half on fire and never relented. they got the lead out to double digits where it stayed for the rest of the game. Dayton wins 80-68.

Duck Dynasty was pretty funny last night but i was in and out of it for most of both shows.

American Horror Story was creepy and spectacular last night. a really bloody episode. all setting up for some more twists on the way to the season finale.

i believe The Big Bang Theory is a rerun tonight, so i will either stick to the New York Rangers game against Detroit or watch the NBC comedies tonight. i guess it depends how that first period goes.

hopefully, sometime later tonight i will pass out and sleep for a few hours at the very least. i'm also hoping to take a shower, but if sleep prevents that from happening until 3 in the morning or so, so be it.

thankfully, the heat is still working here and the power has only gone out once since mom left. i'm sure she's going to be thrilled to have to set her clock in her room yet again.

that's all for me. please send any positive vibes or good thoughts or cash or drugs or backwoods remedies you may have on hand to me so my present situation can change sometime soon. and i ask this as much for your sake as i do for my own. i can imagine all of you are tired of reading this horseshit over and over again.

peace and chicken grease.


Metallica - Garage Inc.

"The more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla, the more you want to avoid people." - Dian Fossey

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