Monday, January 20, 2014

i have a dream

where i actually sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. where i live in a climate that doesn't get below 30 degrees. where i have a lovely woman by my side that actually loves the fact that i'm a poet and a dreamer. where my sports teams win more than not and my liver can easily handle any alcohol ever made.

i have a dream.

when i was a child, i enjoyed this day for the day off of school and my grandmother's birthday. since she died in 1993 and i haven't been in school since 1994, this day is more about MLK and it's the day before my birthday.

hopefully i'll be getting my truck back tomorrow. and hopefully it will be above zero degrees when i get it.

the deep freeze is coming back from the way it looks on all the weather forecasts. thankfully, the propane tank got filled today. and we got plenty of cat food over the weekend. so, knock on wood, we are prepared for it.

i got half of the Super Bowl correct. picked Denver but missed the Seattle game. hopefully the big game will be played in a blizzard.

i really enjoyed the Sunday night shows last night. True Detective and Shameless won the night for me. the other 3, Girls, House of Lies, and Episodes were their normal train wrecks. but i'm the asshole blocking traffic and watching.

the other good thing about this holiday is the afternoon professional sports. been watching some hockey and basketball while hoping to fall asleep this afternoon. i think i got 20 minutes or so watching some soccer in England.

i am looking forward to Monday Night Raw tonight. i was hoping in my birthday gifts over the weekend there was going to be tickets to it, but oh well. it's about 30 minutes away from me. i can understand my mother and sister not wanting to enable my love of pro wrestling. should be a great show tonight.

the New York Rangers continued their hot streak with a 4-1 beat down of Washington last night. they are now in second place in the division. and on my birthday, they play the fucking Islanders. needless to say, i will be in full throat for that one.

also, that Rangers victory helped give me my second straight 10-0 week in fantasy hockey. i believe i have a 22 1/2 game lead in my division. this is starting to look like my best season ever. and given the amount of injuries i've had, i'm a little surprised to say the least.

other than Raw tonight, i will be going through some poems trying to find 11 that i will be sending out tomorrow. i think i have a good number in mind, just not sure if it's 11 or not. if not, i guess i'll be doing some writing at 2 in the morning. lord knows i won't be asleep anyway.

hope everyone had a great weekend. hope it is warmer wherever you are. and why haven't you invited me to visit? be well. peace and chicken grease.


Tei Shi - Saudade
Shannon Labrie - Just Be Honest

"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old." - George Burns

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