Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the outside world still exists...

so, the temps got high enough today that i didn't need 5 layers to go outside. a few of the cats actually came out from their bunkers. and the winds subsided enough that it made sense to put the bird food in the feeders instead of on the ground.

my mother and i actually made it to the post office for the first time this week. i always love a full PO Box. and i was amazed that 3 days of newspapers were still in our box across the lane. and to fully escape the cabin fever, we hit the local sports bar we always go to. nothing like some mid day alcohol to lube the joints.

last night was a mixed bag for me. i was flipping between college basketball games and a forensic science special on PBS. usually, when i can't find anything i really want to watch, i will choose to educate myself.

tonight, the New York Rangers play in Chicago. as much as i would love to think the Rangers have a chance in this game, my brain tells me differently. i'll watch until it gets ugly.

thankfully, American Horror Story comes back on tonight. so, i will have something to turn to in case the Rangers lay another turd tonight.

i did watch the announcement for the baseball hall of fame today. i was a little shocked only 3 players made it. 1 fell short by 2 votes. ouch.

that's pretty much all for me today. i'm getting that poetry itch once again, so i'll probably do some writing here soon.

before i forget, i highly recommend the Nerdist podcast with Jim Norton. you can find that by going here:

that's all for now. i'll be on sometime tomorrow, between the light snow showers i imagine. be well.


Jean Sibelius - The Best of Sibelius

"I'm an instant star. Just add water and stir." - David Bowie

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