Sunday, January 12, 2014

and sometimes the whole body just aches...

hello again world. so, after yet another night of 3 hours of restless sleep (i mostly remember just tossing and turning and popping my left shoulder countless number of times) i'm back at it. i'm still trying to wrap my head around the end of the Saints game yesterday, but more on that later.

i typed up the 3 poems i wrote the other day at 6 this morning. i think they are pretty good, which probably means they are really good as i'm cranky and really feeling the pain today. i imagine i'll do my birthday submission here in a few days and these poems will be part of it.

got all the other shit i had to do around the house done without waking up my mother. that included changing out the water filters in the cellar. that 40 lbs. of salt didn't feel real good this morning. but, good thing i learned at a young age to find the pleasure in the pain.

cats are fed and the trash is down to the end of the lane. hopefully mother nature decides to not blow it over like 2 weeks ago. so, i'm in the house for the rest of the day... hopefully getting some sleep during the playoff games. tonight is a crazy night for me on television. all of this is roughly going on at the same time. the New York Rangers play a huge division game against the Flyers tonight. the Golden globes are on tonight. probably my favorite award show. and then, all the Sunday shows start tonight on HBO and Showtime. True Detective is the new show i'm really looking forward to. and then there are Girls, Shameless, House of Lies, and Episodes. another long night is in store. but, if i'm not going to sleep, i might as well...

ROH was excellent last night. the match between Chris Hero and Kevin Steen was top notch, as i expected. hopefully i'll get to see all of them when they come to town in a few months.

the ending of the New Orleans Saints playoff game against Seattle still has me shaking my head. the Saints did absolutely nothing in the first half, other than a few big mistakes. finally in the 4th quarter the offense started to click. i thought they would struggle in the game, but not for that long. the defense played as well as i thought they could last night. Brees throws a TD to Colston that set up the onside kick, that the Saints recovered!!!! but what i can't get my head around is why with 8 seconds left, Colston didn't get out of bounds to set up a final play in the end zone. instead, he throws a forward pass that ends the game. i'm not saying they would have converted on the final play and tied the game and eventually won in OT. i just would have liked to see them have the chance. Saints lose 23-15.

that's all for me. i have a Sunday paper to read and a heating pad to hopefully help me either sleep or not feel as much pain. if you see another post from me today it will be out of frustration and a call for drugs.

hope everyone is doing better than i am. be well. take it easy, and then take it again.


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Live from Alabama
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

"Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well." - Jack London

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