Friday, January 17, 2014

accepting the pleasure i find in pain

so my last night played out almost according to script. like a dumb ass, i fell asleep and woke up in my chair and decided to try to sleep in my bed. i couldn't get comfortable at all. and it's mostly about finding a spot where my left arm isn't throbbing the entire fucking time. so, there i was in the shower at 3 in the morning. the water couldn't get hot enough. i took some sleeping pills, which got me almost 3 hours of sleep this morning. there was no Dan Patrick Show today and it was snowing pretty bad out, so i got another hour of sleep. that makes almost 5 hours, which is double from the last 2 days. so, i'm damn near completely refreshed, other than the whole pain part.

it was interesting trying to shovel the snow this afternoon. i was trying to avoid using my left arm as much as possible. let's just say that didn't work for long. so, hello adrenaline. at least the walks were clear when my mother got back this afternoon. we had to get the lane plowed as my sister is coming this evening. last thing i want is to have to dig her out. i don't have enough adrenaline for that.

finally heard back from the mechanic. the tires i had on the truck are obsolete now. figures. so, we're going with a newer version that is supposedly better. as they long as they aren't flat in a week, it will be an upgrade over the previous ones. not sure when the truck will be done, but it is sounding like it will basically be a new truck. thank god.

the New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings put on a show last night. end to end action and 2 goaltenders absolutely standing on their heads. it was a pleasure to watch, mostly because the Rangers won 1-0. first time shutting out Detroit since 1976. highlights below:

i'm pretty happy that the New York Yankees have signed all their arbitration eligible players and got that potential mess out of the fucking way. now, hopefully they can get some pitching signed for this season. SOON!

it is supposed to get down to the single digits here tonight. so, the heaters will be blasting and the pipes will be exposed to some heat. and just my luck, my birthday morning will be below zero. good times.

not sure what i'm going to be watching this evening. if my sister has a say in it, i imagine it will be Dateline or 48 Hours or something like that. if i get my way, it will probably be some hockey.

i will most likely be on here tomorrow either before or right after Dayton plays at Richmond tomorrow. early afternoon most likely. the next round of snow is supposed to come tomorrow evening. so, i get the feeling tomorrow morning is going to be trips to the store and returning my mother's rental car. can't wait to see how i'm going to lift huge bags of cat food with one arm. hopefully my back is up to it tomorrow.

that's all for me today. hope everyone has a great weekend. stay warm or if you happen to be one of my few friends that live where it's always warm, i've got 2 words in mind as i get ready to go put some more ice melter out... fuck off. but i say that with nothing but love.

be well.


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