Saturday, January 18, 2014

at least the sun is out

i did manage to get some more sleep finally. but it was so disjointed; a few hours in the chair, 1 hour in my bed, 2 more hours after 3 pain pills... not fun. the cold treatments aren't working much better than the heat was earlier in the week. looks like i'll be going to the doctor before too long. joy.

my sister made it down here yesterday without any problems. she made some great pumpkin doughnuts this morning, for my birthday. i believe i might be opening gifts tonight, not sure yet. but i know i have 2 full bags of stuff from her, so i'm at least intrigued.

hopefully my mother and sister get back here before the weather turns to shit later on today. the sun is out now and we've hit our high of 22 degrees, but there is some snow headed this way. hopefully, we're not in the area that's supposed to get 6 inches or so.

the New York Rangers play up in Ottawa in a few hours as part of the Hockey Day in Canada festivities. hopefully they can get a win and enjoy the flight home for the game tomorrow against Washington.

roughly at the same time, the Dayton Flyers will be playing at Richmond, a place they haven't won at in 10 years. i'd love to see them break that streak today. a few victory beers could go a long way to making my arm feel better.

other than that. i know i will be watching Saturday Night Live tonight and ROH as well.

i suppose there will be plenty of college basketball and other hockey games i'll flip through today as well.

as for tomorrow, i'm not exactly sure when i will be on here. Manchester United plays in the morning at Chelsea. then the family is taking me to a sports bar to watch some football. and then those games will lead right into the Sunday night programming. so, maybe a quick blog at 2 in the morning as i'm struggling to fall asleep. or, if something happens tonight that i just have to talk about, maybe an early morning post before all the Sunday shenanigans begin. time will tell.

hope everyone is well. no blowups as of yet with my sister and mother and myself. all bets are off if a couple of teams lose today and my arm starts to hurt more.

be well. enjoy some of the podcasts on the right hand side of this blog. i have to go find a missing cat and decide how the fuck Kit Kat broke her damn left hind leg. all while not falling or freezing my ass off. though, burying my left arm in a snow drift has crossed my damn mind.


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

"I don't like painting flowers in my music. I like painting guts and pain." - Jonathan Davis

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