Friday, January 3, 2014

in the full swing of things

woke up this morning and it was 4 below zero out here on the farm. hello true winter. i was sort of amazed that i saw all but one of the cats. of course, the older ones were struggling. sadly, i think a few days from now could be a true test to see if they want to keep living or not. i'm fully prepared to find one of them dead, frozen stiff. one thing about living on a farm... if you are uncomfortable with death, don't do it.

thankfully, the ice melter i put out yesterday really made shoveling today pretty damn easy. but since the weather is going to take a turn up shit's creek here soon, mom and i went out and got another 100 lbs. of ice melter. that should last us the rest of the winter. also got another bag of cat food as i'm sure these little fuckers are going to be really hungry when it's 20 below zero out.

i believe i came up with the best synopsis of my life today while cleaning the toilets... as soon as i clean the toilets i need to shit. just chew on that for awhile. not literally though, that's how diseases spread.

The Big Bang Theory was pretty funny last night and then a took a serious turn out of nowhere. that really caught my attention, which i believe the writers were trying to do.

my bowl game picks have shit the bed here recently. i was a little shocked at how easily Oklahoma beat Alabama last night. tonight, Ohio State plays Clemson in the Orange Bowl. needless to say, i will be a little pissed if Ohio State loses again tonight.

at the same time that is on the New York Rangers will be playing in Pittsburgh. Captain Cally returns tonight from yet another injury. here's hoping i will be enjoying 2 victory beers later tonight.

and on top of all that, got my first poem of 2014 accepted for publication. always good to get that train rolling again.

that's all for me. we are currently in a heat wave as we have reached double digits. it's 12 degrees at the moment. thankfully, we have enough heat in the house, knock on wood.

hope everyone has a great, warm weekend. i'll be on here before the playoff games start tomorrow. be well.


AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Trampled By Turtles - Burn For Free

"I have learned that a bitter experience can make you stronger." - Mel Gibson

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