Sunday, December 1, 2013

way too busy for a Sunday

so i was up before the crack of dawn this morning. had plenty of things i wanted to get done before Manchester United played. the trash is down at the road, the toilets are clean, the animals are fed, and the water filter in the cellar has been changed. not bad for 3 hours of sleep.

Manchester United played Tottenham to a 2-2 draw this morning. i wasn't thrilled with the first goal United gave up. but, the second was a absolute beauty. just tip your hat there. i was very pleased that Wayne Rooney was able to equalize both times United fell behind. take the point and move on. especially when you are on the road facing a good club.

Ohio State beat Michigan yesterday 42-41. the defense stunk but the running game of the offense absolutely emasculated Michigan's defense. i completely understand why the Michigan coach went for 2 instead of going to overtime. he didn't want to see his sorry ass defense embarrassed anymore. and given that later in the day Auburn upset Alabama on one of the craziest fucking endings i have ever seen in college football, Ohio State should be in position to play for a national championship this season. just need to beat Michigan State in the Big 10 title game.of course, the national media doesn't want it to play out like that... but if you ever want to see the NCAA go away forever, keep an undefeated Ohio State team out of playing for a national championship. heads will roll.

the New York Rangers played a surprisingly strong game and beat Vancouver 5-2 yesterday. i was so damn happy for Chris Kreider to get his first career hat trick against the coach that was too fucking stubborn to play him last season. highlights below:

ROH was excellent last night. Steve Corino had me laughing all throughout the broadcast with his commentary. and the match between Cole and Jacobs was top notch. as was the match between Richards and Strong.

here in a bit i will be sitting my ass in front of the big screen and watching football for the rest of the day. i have so many guys playing tomorrow night that i'm not too stressed about what happens today in fantasy football. now, mind you, i'll still bitch up a storm if my players aren't doing anything, but nothing will be decided until the Monday night game is over.

if i am somehow still awake this evening, i will be watching Homeland, Masters of Sex, and Total Divas. and probably a bit of the Sunday night game as well. my opponents this week have players in that game. fun.

no sight of my cat Irvine Welsh this morning, so i am now placing her on the dead list. i haven't seen her in a month. she was the cat who last had kittens, so i'm guessing she died either by the claws of another animal or simply ran away to get away from those kittens. only one kitten survived, so i hope that one does good as a loner.

on a positive note, it has warmed up a bit here. might even hit the 40's all day long. holy shit after a week in the 20's.

hope this finds everyone well. i do hope you survived the huge shopping weekend and don't fall for the cyber Monday scams. and always know that if you'd like to buy anything off of my wish list, you are more than welcome to do so. i am not too proud to beg.

if you didn't see, please check out the new poem that was published today in the previous post. it is one that i am pretty proud of. not sure where it came from or who i was thinking of when i wrote it, but it did come out a winner.

enough of my rambling. i have sports to watch.


Bassnectar - Freestyle Mixtape

"When you ain't got no money, you gotta get an attitude." - Richard Pryor

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