Monday, December 23, 2013

making up for lost time

so when i last left this adventure, it was raining cats and dogs out here and the water was rising. thankfully, we only had some minor flooding, nothing of the holy shit kind. the cold weather has come back but it was so windy yesterday, it dried most everything out before it could freeze. good looking out mother nature.

let's go back to Saturday night. SNL was absolutely great. the chemistry that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have together is spooky. plus, you can never go wrong with an episode when you have surprise guest after surprise guest. easily, the best episode of the season and will probably win another award. as for ROH on Saturday night, i did watch a good portion of it. i do hope that Adam Cole gets to be seen on a much larger scale in 2014 as he has a pretty high ceiling in pro wrestling.

i woke up Sunday with anxiety and joy and was basically, busier than 9 cats covering up shit in a windstorm. my mother, sister and i all exchanged gifts Sunday morning. to put it mildly, i was blown the fuck away with what they gave me. a few of the highlights: a mandolin (which i now need to teach myself how to play), an art set (like a real, professional one, with a wooden case), some much needed cash, a Derek Jeter rookie card (holy shit) and some Jameson Irish Whiskey from Ireland (let the drinking begin). easily, my best Christmas as an adult. i'm just really thankful that both of them liked what i got them as well. after all that, it was a quick shower and then off to a basketball game.

and as per usual in my life, after any really good high, i have only one place to go. straight fucking down. Dayton loses 79-76 in overtime on a 3 pointer at the buzzer by Southern Cal. and as the ball went through all the last second misery i have lived through in that building just came crashing back into me. nothing like having your guts punched right out of your soul before Christmas. hopefully the players and coaches take this as a horrific lesson to learn and come back with an unbelievable attitude after the break. they play again on the 29th.

being the asshole i am, i decided to check my fantasy football teams as i was coming home. nothing like piling on. my CBS team shit the bed yesterday. only 60 fucking points. less than half of what they were projected to get. needless to say i lost the championship. and that's with my opponent still having 2 players to play tonight. but, amazingly, my team did amazingly well. i am only 13 points behind going into tonight. i have the 49ers defense. if they can just do average tonight, i should win. that would avenge the 2 earlier losses this season to my opponent and also put me in the championship game in a league that i have never finished higher than 3rd. and that's a league with other writers, so this has the potential to be pretty damn sweet. needless to say, my eyes will be on the Monday night game. (of course, if i would have started Andy Dalton instead of Drew Brees i would have already won.) (whoops)

the New York Rangers lifted my mood a little last night by actually putting forth an effort worthy of me giving a shit. of course, they started the game off in a fog. but, they manhandled the Wild in the last 2 periods, winning 4-1. that was a victory beer that i really savored. they play again tonight against Toronto. this ends their long ass home stand. hopefully they go into the break with a win.

i imagine i will watch a little of Monday Night Raw as well tonight. i know what happens but, i tend to never want to watch commercials. so, i guess i'll check out a few segments at least.

my sister took a picture of me with one of her friend's children yesterday and i guess it has been posted on Facebook now. i think it's kind of funny when people are shocked when they see me or act like they didn't know i was still alive. like i haven't lived in the same place since 1997 or had the same email since 1995. out of sight out of mind. if they really wanted to show their appreciation, they could always buy a book.

it was good seeing my sister again. we got along pretty good. much better than i think my mother was fearing. helps that my sister wasn't on her period and there wasn't a full moon. there will be a series of poems about all that one day.

i will be a little sporadic on here for the rest of the week. i will try to blog every day but i might be busy using the new gifts. especially if i'm feeling a little artsy fartsy in the next few days.

hope everyone is doing well. seeing that tomorrow is the 24th and knowing that most of my readers are males, good luck with the shopping.


The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Miami Pop Festival
Tori Amos - Live at Montreux 1991 & 1992

"Stuff happens when you are a kid; it scars you inside for life." - Corey Haim

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