Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a chilly end to the year...

the sun was out earlier but the wind made it feel like it was in the single digits. how i have gone years now without a true winter coat is beyond me. saw most of the cats and i'm sure the birds are happy i put out plenty of food for them. looks like we will have a big storm coming through on Jan. 2. good times.

team USA lost to Canada today 3-2 in the World Juniors. the USA played a dreadful 3rd period. way too many penalties and stupid mistakes. they made it interesting late but ultimately couldn't score the tying goal. if they would have, they would have won the group. instead, Canada wins the group by 1 point and gets the much easier route to a potential gold medal. for the USA to repeat they will have to beat Russia, then most likely Sweden (in Sweden) and then probably Canada in the finals. i'm not saying they can't pull that off, i'm just saying i would be pleasantly surprised if they do.

the New York Rangers play Florida in a few hours. hopefully they can start a little streak here soon. it would certainly make my new year's eve much better if they would win.

Monday Night Raw was pretty damn good last night, other than the 30 minutes or so where the USA Network was coming in like scrambled porn from my youth. i've seen what i missed on YouTube, mostly the Brock Lesnar/Mark Henry confrontation. the show started off with CM Punk on the mic, which always means good things. and the show ended with the bold decision to have Daniel Bryan join the Wyatt Family. i'm really interested to see where this goes. overall, a really strong show to end the year on. and next week will be an old school Raw, so i will be swimming in the deep waters of nostalgia once again.

other than that last night, i watched some college football and a little hockey. mostly it was all about trying to beat this level of this pool game i have been obsessed with. and finally, after 3 damn weeks of trying, i finally got past it last night. i think that actually helped me get a few hours more of sleep last night. at my age, i'll take any fucking victory i can get.

not sure if i'm going to the Dayton basketball game tomorrow or not. mom is feeling a little under the weather. and the game is on tv. if i don't go, i will get the chance to watch the Winter Classic as well as the huge Manchester United match with Spurs. regardless, i'll be back on here sometime after all of that is over with.

i have no plans for this evening. i don't think i've really gone out for New Year's in over a decade. it's never been one of those days where i really have felt the need to go party. i imagine i'll have a shot at midnight and be in bed a few hours later. i'll be really happy if i don't manage to write yet another alone at new year's poem.

i hope everyone has a great night ahead of them. be safe. drink more than you should and get home safely. only fuck the ones that cough and name any children born in September 2014 after me.

be well. peace and chicken grease.

music (my top 3 of 2013):

Valerie June - Pushin' Against A Stone
Jason Isbell - Southeastern
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks (Deluxe Edition)

"My life needs editing." - Mort Sahl

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