Sunday, December 15, 2013

quickly my boy, i've got shit to do...

let me quickly pound this out... (you dirty minds)

i did get to see the Dayton Flyers play last night... on television. if they play like that when i'm not there, i may not come back (the sacrifices i'm willing to make...). a complete ass whipping of Central Michigan, 84-58. my first victory beer in way too long.

the game got over just in time to turn over to see some of the UFC on Fox. 2 great finishes in the co-main events.

i did watch Saturday Night Live last night. excellent. ROH was great as well, but the dickheads at my local ABC station moved the start time up 30 minutes. so, i was basically flipping back and forth between the two. that drove my mom nuts.

got up this morning after my required 4 hours of sleep. my fantasy rosters are in order for football. i'm a little pissed that my fantasy hockey roster shit the bed last night. i'm looking at my first losing week in a long while.

while Manchester United plays this morning, probably during a point they piss me off, i'll be picking up the trash and getting some breakfast. and after the game, (fingers crossed), my truck will start. i've got animals to feed and a ton of trash to get down to the end of the lane.

and if i get all that done without any drama, i'll be ready to get next to a heater and watch some football.

the usual Sunday night viewing for me this evening. season finales of Homeland, Masters of Sex, and Total Divas. i'm hoping all 3 are really good.

that's all for me.


Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

"The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race." - Don Marquis

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