Monday, December 30, 2013

a nice cherry on top near the end of 2013

so i got up yesterday morning full of nervous energy. got a good night of sleep surprisingly and was able to get all the stuff i had to do around the farm done pretty quickly. after a little breakfast i settled in for a little hockey.

team USA destroyed Germany 8-0 at the World Juniors. this was the game i was hoping for. easily handle an inferior opponent in the second game of back to backs. also, a complete performance as they never looked ahead to their next game. they play Canada tomorrow in their annual new year's eve war. should be yet another classic.

after that, a quick shower, and then off to see Dayton play Murray State. of course, i made sure to check all my fantasy football shit before i left. more on that later. Dayton started off cold, uninterested, and sloppy as hell. thankfully, they woke up before the first half was over. and then really flexed their muscles in the second half, winning 72-51. i was a little stunned they beat the spread as they were favored by 17. that's why i quit betting years ago. Dayton plays again on new year's day at 2 pm.

after the game there was a little concert by an 80's cover band, Stranger. it was really better than i ever thought it would be. here's a link to their site:

i only asked to see my mother's phone to check the NFL scores once. and once i saw that a few of my players had decent games and my opponent's QB had a horrible game, i felt pretty damn good. and then in the car ride home i heard that Drew Brees had thrown his 4th TD in the first half and i knew i was going to win. and with the final score of 168.24 to 102.06 i had won my 5th NFL Fantasy championship. my first on and my first in this group with other poets and publishers. needless to say, the alcohol was flowing last night. i figure if i'm going to hate losing the way i do i might as well enjoy winning more than i should as well. so after a nice stiff double shot of whiskey and 2 victory beers from the wins earlier in the day, i was feeling pretty damn good.

the New York Rangers added to my joy last night with a 4-3 victory down in Tampa. it was the King's first victory since god knows when. plus, it was really nice to see the power play start to really click. highlights are below:

i haven't had that victory beer yet. i didn't want to drink myself into a morning on the toilet. so far so good with that call. i imagine i'll have that beer during Monday Night Raw tonight. plenty of rumors going on with who is going to be on the show tonight, so i'm hoping it's going to be a good one. other than that, i'm guessing there's probably some college football or basketball on that i'll be watching as well. all while still glowing about my victory.

and keeping in a private promise i had with myself, i am now officially, (once again), a New Orleans Saints fan. i was a huge fan when i was a child. but once i started playing fantasy football, i gave it up but told myself, if i can ever win a title with Drew Brees or Darren Sproles, i would become a fan again. and after YEARS of trying to do it, last night i finally did. and thankfully, the team is much better than when i was a fan starting in 1983. so, plenty of black and gold once again.

it's been lightly snowing here for hours. maybe an inch of accumulation so far. i was hoping it was going to start snowing heavier so i could do a quick YouTube video. i've got an idea about doing a reading in the snow. hopefully i can pull that off sometime before spring.

hope everyone is well. hope your weekend was as good as mine. and i do hope you are ending your 2013 on top of something or someone. good times.


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