Sunday, December 8, 2013

to my good friend pain

yesterday goes up there as one of the worst sporting days of my life. right up there with horrific Yankees losses in the playoffs, right up there with all the times Ohio State blew a perfect season against Michigan. thank god Saturday Night Live and ROH were excellent last night or i might have slipped off into the deep end this morning.

to summarize quickly...

Manchester United lost at home to a team that hadn't won there for 41 years.

the New York Rangers lost in overtime 4-3 after blowing a 2-0 lead. they get a chance to extend my misery tonight.

the Dayton Flyers decided they didn't want to be ranked any longer and lost by 6 on the road to Illinois State. honestly, the game wasn't that close. 18 fucking turnovers and way too many missed 3's. but, the students did storm the court afterwards, so maybe Dayton has made it after all.

Ohio State had its' 24 game win streak come to an end last night in the Big 10 Championship game. so fucking deflating after coming all the way back from down 17 to take the lead and then piss it away to lose by 10.

i told my mother last night that my Sunday will be excellent as i am at the bottom of the fucking barrel now.

the plan was to get up before the snow started and get the trash picked up and the animals fed. well, say hello to my first failure of the day.

i have some classical music on deciding how bad do i want this day to get. do i just say fuck it and blow up the entire weekend? decisions...

out of the 10 poems i typed up yesterday there are some winners. not sure if i'm going to do another submission before the end of the year or not. kind of funny, i wrote 13 poems all last month and turn around and write 10 in one day this month. what a moody prick genius i am.

the usual Sunday night shows are in order tonight unless my shit weekend continues and then i just might pull a Dylan Thomas.

have a good one. i need to get some breakfast and get the outside shit done before this snow changes over to freezing rain. on the good side though, that does mean it is warming up.


Beethoven - 25 Favorites

"Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts." - Jim Morrison

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