Saturday, December 28, 2013

a little of this, a little more of that...

first off, let me share something with you...

my friend Natascha Hoover has put out her first art photography book, Pressure Washers For Jesus. you can find a preview and more info on the book here:

the New York Rangers played decently last night, but decent doesn't get you wins in this league. a 3-2 loss on a goal that the goalie has to make a save on. of course, when the coach can't decide who is the #1 goalie and who is the backup, this kind of shit happens. they play again on Sunday down in Tampa.

after doing the dishes and going through a few hours of email i had to catch up on, i did manage to get a few hours of sleep last night. not much as i was dreaming about the Dateline episode from last night on NBC. as much as i complain about being alone, i do understand it's much better than being with the wrong person.

got up this morning and watched team USA beat Slovakia 6-3 in the World Juniors. i was happy generally with how they played. they do need to clean up all the penalties they take and they must figure out why they always play shitty in the 2nd period. tomorrow morning should be interesting as it is their first back to back days playing. thankfully, they're only playing Germany. that has a chance to get ugly quickly.

that game ended with plenty of time for me to get some breakfast and watch Manchester United play. it wouldn't be a United game this year if there wasn't some injury concern seemingly out of nowhere. Wayne Rooney didn't make the trip to Norwich, resting a sore groin. i'm hoping it's because of the bigger game coming up on Jan. 1st. United looked dreadful in the first half. bring on Danny Welbeck and it all changes. United wins 1-0 with a dramatically better effort in the second half. a much needed 3 points going into the game at home against Spurs.

so i now have the rest of this sunny Saturday to enjoy a couple of victory beers. i imagine i will be watching some college football and taking a long nap for most of today. i do want to watch the WWE Tribute to the Troops this evening. other than that and some ROH, this might end up being a Saturday of doing little shit around the house.

hope this finds everyone well. hope the weather is decent in your neck of the woods. of course, they are saying it's going to rain tomorrow, which will turn into snow. i figured this would happen as i have a ton of trash to take down the lane tomorrow. as long as it isn't too windy. i'm not a big fan of picking the trash up again. now if i could just get the fuckers across the road to understand this concept.

be well. peace and chicken grease.


The Lemonheads - The Best of The Lemonheads: The Atlantic Years
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